Armin Wadia: How I lost 26.5 kg at FFD

  • Name- Mrs. Armin Wadia
  • Age- 71 years
  • Profession- Housewife
  • Place - Hyderabad

FFD is an organization that gives more.  It just does not reverse diabetes, but also helps people gain their health in all spheres.  I did the right thing...joined FFD and the rest is history.

I am Mrs. Armin Wadia, a 71 years young, housewife from Hyderabad.  My lifestyle with food habits was such that I was very much on the heavier side with a height of just 5 feet and a weight of 101 kg.

Excess weight further added to my problems.  I suffered from weakness, sleep issues, tiredness, anxiety, high cholesterol, hypertension, skin issues, knee pain, etc.

I did realize strongly that the main culprit was weight.  So, on my own, I gave up carbs.  I also tried various other dieting methods, but nothing really worked.

How I got to know about FFD is interesting.  I have a cousin of mine who was actually highly diabetic and on the heavier side.  I observed that she had lost a considerable amount of weight and so asked her what had she done for it.  It was then that she told me about the FFD program which she had joined and benefitted from.

I was very clear that I did not want any medicine to reduce weight, neither allopathic nor ayurvedic.  To my surprise, my cousin explained to me that FFD does not prescribe any medicine.  Rather they treat you naturally.

The next question in my mind was, I was not diabetic.  Does the FFD program help in weight loss?  I got to know that they are experts in reversing other lifestyle disorders like obesity, BP, cholesterol, PCOD, etc. too. The decision was made and I joined IRP batch 59 for weight loss.

Mrs. Armin Wadia

Now, there was a sure-shot way to achieve what I wanted.  But I knew I too had to give my 100% to it.  I strictly followed everything told in our program. 

I was so sincere that I did not even lick mango in spite of having them in abundance in our orchard. Being a Parsi, eggs are an inherent part of our lives.  I avoided them too.

The results of the efforts were amazing. My weight started reducing from the first week itself.  I lost 15 kg in 3 months.  Then my weight came down from 101 to 74.5 kg, a good 26.5 kg weight loss.  Now, I have gained a few kilograms as I was on a tour but will reduce it back soon.

As the weight came down, other health parameters too saw great improvement.  My BP too started falling in place with weight loss. I would like to share my experience so that many more can benefit from it

Extremely grateful to the whole FFD team for what I achieved.

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