Aruna Srivatsan: A story of massive transformation

Medicine free, in great health

  • Name- Mrs. Aruna Srivatsan
  • Age-  51 Years Young
  • Profession- Ex-Banker
  • Place - Kolkata

Hello all,

I am Aruna Srivatsan from Kolkata.  Formerly a banker, currently a housewife.

What inspired me to join FFD?

Strong urge to go off diabetic medicines for which FFD was providing proper guidance.

Diabetes story

I remember it was when I was transferred to Chennai that I started getting boils. Upon my cousin's suggestion, who is a doctor, got tests done and came to know I suffered from diabetes.

The medicines only multiplied, never reduced. Over time, I was on medicines for thyroid, diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension.

Difficulties I faced due to diabetes

I remember in 2017, I had severe issues with my spinal cord to the extent that I just could not walk or stand straight.  I learned it was not healing due to high sugars.

How did FFD happen?

I found relevant information on Facebook.

Mrs. Ajitha P N

Reversal journey

I was attracted to the way Dr. Pramod Tripathi explained things but was not sure if I could adhere to the instructions.  So, I first tried out a 21 days challenge which was immensely useful for me and I decided to join FFD diabetes reversal program HTP.

To my surprise, the good news of stopping medicine came in just one week. I also lost around 5 kg of extra weight. FFD team guidance has been very fruitful. 

Now I know what to eat, when to eat and when to stop. Fasting has become easier without any fear. The exercises recommended helped me in getting into good shape. I am very happy with my progress.

Key quotes 

"FFD has a solution for everything"

"Dr. Pramod Tripathi is an amazingly positive person"

"I met FFD at the right time..thank you, God"

Key takeaways

  • Medicine stopped
  • In great shape
  • Increased positivity