California Calling : Radhika Sitaraman's Path to Diabetes Reversal

A diabetes reversal success story from California

  • Name - Mrs. Radhika Sitaraman
  • Age - 63 Years Young
  • Profession - Insurance Agent
  • Place - California, U.S.

Hello all,

I'm Radhika Sitaraman, residing in San Rafael, California, which is situated to the north of San Francisco, USA. My occupation involves working as an insurance agent for an agency located in Northern California.

My diabetes story

I discovered I was prediabetic during routine tests, and later, in 2019, I received a formal diagnosis of diabetes. Initially, I was prescribed Metformin, starting with 2 tablets, which later increased to 4 tablets when my HBA1C reached 7.4.

Interestingly, neither of my parents had diabetes, but my maternal uncles did.

Thankfully, I didn't experience any diabetes-related problems, apart from some anxiety about preventing its progression.

How did FFD happen?

I got introduced to FFD through my friend Dr. Anita Madhok, who had undergone the FFD program herself. I had a conversation with her, during which she shared her personal experience with me.

What made me choose FFD?

I was seeking guidance on how to manage my diabetes, preferably with minimal medication. That's when I learned that FFD had a solution for reversing diabetes.

The introductory webinar by Dr. Pramod Tripathi added to my confidence and I enrolled in Freedom from Diabetes type 2 diabetes reversal program - HTP immediately.

Mrs. Radhika Sitaraman

Reversal story

I joined FFD in Batch 87.  Initially, it was challenging to eliminate foods like milk, tea, bread, rice, idlis, and dosas – things I enjoyed and often prepared for my family.

It was difficult to cook separately for myself while preparing different meals for the rest of the family. However, with the assistance of the FFD team and their dietary recipes, I managed to make the transition.

I began to see changes in my weight almost immediately.  I lost around 4-5 kg comfortably. Within a month, my medication was reduced from 4 metformin tablets to 2.

It took another 4-5 months before my medication was further reduced to just 1 tablet. Finally, with my doctor's approval, I am now completely off diabetes medication.

My HbA1c reading improved from 7.4 down to 6.5. I am determined to lower it even further through diet, discipline, and exercise.  My doctor is delighted with the progress.

On the exercise front, I engage in daily yoga practice and participate in outdoor cycling once a week, so you could say I've adopted an athletic identity as a Yogi and Cyclist. Additionally, I relish trekking whenever the opportunity arises.

I am feeling positive and self-assured, and my friends and family have noticed the positive change in my appearance, which brings me joy. I'm content with my decision to prioritize my health and become a part of the FFD program.

There has been a complete transformation in my attitude towards food and exercise. What once felt like a tedious chore has now become something I eagerly anticipate. I have streamlined my food preparation process, making it easier for me to maintain a healthy diet without overthinking it.

I particularly appreciate the support provided by FFD through their WhatsApp groups, the expert team, and their involvement. It's heartening to receive occasional calls from Dr. Malhar Ganla to inquire about my progress. I was also thrilled to meet Dr. Tripathi in person during his recent visit to the Bay Area.

Key quote

"It's a wonderful feeling to be connected with an institution like FFD, which has provided me with a fresh lease on life."

Key takeaways

  • Medicine stopped
  • HbA1c improved
  • Great insights
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