“Diabetes, BP, Renal Failure… FFD Saved Me From It All"


This man reversed Diabetes BP, Renal Failure with these changes.

  • Name- Odhav Patel
  • Profession- Diamond Merchant
  • Place - Mumbai

One of the scarier aspects of diabetes is that its ill effects don’t stop. Left unattended it inevitably leads to serious issues like cardiovascular disease, nerve damage, eye damage, etc. One of the worst complications of diabetes is kidney failure, and I was on the verge of it... but FFD saved me from going to the stage of dialysis!

I used to have routine medical checkups done and during one such checkup in 1999, I was diagnosed with high sugar levels.  Just a few months earlier, I was found to have hypertension.I still have not figured out why this happened to me as I have no family history of diabetes nor was there any stress.


Worsening health


Life continued with medicines for hypertension as well as diabetes. Nothing uneventful happened till 2016 when I had to undergo angiography. During that hospital stay, my creatinine levels tested at around 1.8-2. I was advised to see a nephrologist, who immediately put me on medication.

In 2018, I got admitted again, this time for a water retention problem; my creatinine had gone up to 4. I was shattered and started taking more care, but nothing seemed to work. My creatinine just would not be controlled.

The year 2019 was the worst. I got admitted again, this time for breathing problems. My creatinine was found to be alarmingly high at 4.5.  My doctor explained to me that if it went as high as 5-5.5, I would need to go on DIALYSIS! Dialysis… the word itself was terrible to hear. My whole family got extremely worried and our search for some great solution began in earnest. I had made up my mind that come what may, I would save myself from going on dialysis.

My son Vipul, had heard about Dr. Pramod Tripathi and FFD through his diamond merchant friends. But learned that Dr. Pramod Tripathi only treated diabetics and not kidney patients.


The Turning Point


Still, he did not lose hope and attended the seminar of Dr. Pramod Tripathi in Mumbai. On completion of a session, my son went to Dr. Pramod Tripathi and asked if he would treat a patient with high creatinine. Surprisingly, his answer was YES.  This was the real turning point in my life.

In January 2020, I had a personal consultation with Dr. Pramod Tripathi at his Mumbai Clinic and immediately enrolled in the Intensive Reversal Program INT 55 batch.  Since my problem was kidney-related, I was recommended a specific diet that did not have protein in it. Dals were ruled out. Renal patients have to be given different diets and treated differently which Dr. Tripathi wonderfully did.

I started following the diet modified for me and a beautiful journey began. My insulin dosage which had gone up to 16 units reduced to the first 8 units, then 4 units, and then went down to 0 units.  By the end of 6 months, the good news came to me.  I was told by FFD doctors to stop insulin. What great news it was!


Back On Track to Good Health


Alongside, my other comorbidities were also showing signs of improvement. Creatinine levels had started reducing, BP started improving. In January 2020, my creatinine was 4.10. Currently, it is 2.5 to 2.75. By the end of one year, all my diabetes medicines stopped.  Sometimes though I need to take medicine depending on my sugar level.

I am still on BP medications but my dosage is reduced by half. Weight has gone down from 85 to 68 kg. From a person who could not walk even 10 feet, I have reached a fitness level where I can easily walk for 40–45 minutes. My chances of going on dialysis have been ruled out and I am very happy. Now, my aim is to follow everything and get rid of all medicines ( fingers crossed).

There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Pramod Tripathi saved me from going on dialysis! Thank you, FFD.


How Freedom from Diabetes(FFD) works?


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