Diabetes can hit anyone. FFD can free everyone, imho.

  • Name- Mrs. Praveena Tirumala
  • Age- 43 years
  • Profession- Retired Employee, Allwyn Company
  • Place - Hyderabad

There is a long history of diabetes in my family.  My mom, dad, maternal and paternal grandmother, and aunts on both sides are diabetic. So, when I was diagnosed with diabetes, it felt inevitable. My post-meal reading was 300 and my fasting sugar was 240!

As time went on, I began to suffer from constant lethargy. I wanted to sleep or rest right through the day. I also noticed tingling sensations in my feet. My vision started to blur too.

To make matters worse, I often forgot to take my medicines. My doctor had prescribed two units of Galvus Met 50mg/500mg tablets daily. But because I often forgot to take it before food, and only remembered after the meal was done, my BSL counts were never below 240.

Mrs. Praveena Tirumala

I was frankly frightened as my doctor told me that I was heading for insulin dependency. Then one day, my onsite manager told me about a program that one of my colleagues was following, and which had given him tremendous results.

I reached out to him and that’s how I learned about FFD. I couldn’t believe the amazing results its program was experiencing. I immediately enrolled for the first session. And subsequently joined the Holistic Transformation Program (HTP), batch no 74.

When I joined FFD, My H1BAC was 9.4 & weight was 113 kilos. I was taking Galvus Met two times a day.  Thanks to the program, my H1BAC now is 5.7; my weight is 90 kg, and I am completely off all medicines.

I can describe how I feel in one word: AWESOME!

Currently, I am on a two-meal diet and my exercise regimen includes Yoga, weight training exercise, and cycling. I feel on top of the world and it’s all thanks to FFD.


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