FFD helped me achieve sustainable reversal

Medicine stopped, satisfied

  • Name-  Mr. Prakash Kalluraya
  • Age-  61 Years Young
  • Profession- Banker (Rtd)
  • Place - Mangalore, Karnataka

Hello all,

I am Prakash Kalluraya a retired banker from Mangalore, Karnataka.

My Diabetes story

Luckily, there is no strong medical history of diabetes in my family. I suffered from malaria in 2015, thrice at monthly intervals, and was hospitalized for the same.  Tests done during that time disclosed high sugar levels.  My mother suffered from adult-onset diabetes like mine.

I faced no major problems due to diabetes.

How did FFD happen?

It is through my cousin's brother whom I came to know about FFD.

Why did I choose FFD?

Earlier, I believed that diabetes can only be controlled.  FFD was reversing it, making people free from medicines.  I enrolled in FFD’s one-year diabetes reversal program - HTP immediately.

Mr. Prakash Kalluraya

Reversal journey

Being a banker had its occupational hazards.  My job was stressful and it had shown its colors on me.  It was difficult to manage diet and exercise being in service. Once I was free, I immediately joined FFD which was my best decision.

My diabetes medicines stopped within 2-3 days of joining the program. My sugars were not very high but I did not expect this speedy result.

My weight loss too was rapid 4 kg in one month.  Being leaner, this was too fast so FFD experts guided me aptly.

I have been told to join the gym but right now it is not possible due to personal reasons.

One miracle has happened now.  Even if I try some sweets, my sugars don't jump much. This is a truly sustainable reversal.

Key quotes

"I am happy with FFD treatment"

Key takeaways

  • Medicine stopped
  • Sustainable reversal
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