Geetanjali, CA, Reversed her 5 Years of Diabetes.

Geetanjali Shimpi, 42 years old, Chartered Accountant by profession.

My diabetes was detected 5 years ago when I suffered from sudden weight loss.

Initially, I was taking 2 tablets a day but when in the last year I was told by the doctor that I would have to be on one more tablet,

I felt that it is enough and I should something to get rid of the medicines.

At that time, one of my friends who was treated by FFD suggested I join FFD.

In spite of knowing about FFD, I was not sure whether I should join or not. But when my doctor told me that the increase in the dosage of medicine has become necessary,

I found it to be quite alarming. This was the jolt that made me attend the FFD Diabetes Reversal program the very next day.

I was so impressed by the basic program that I immediately enrolled myself in the 42nd batch.

My medicines stopped within 21 days of joining the intensive program and I am not on any medication since then.

I have successfully lost 10 kg of my weight within 3 months.

The most important achievement for me is that my fatty liver is normal now.

I want to tell everybody that this has been a life-changing experience that has taught me to be emotionally strong.

There has been a lot of difference in my emotional positivity.

I am really very thankful to Diabetes specialist Dr. Pramod Tripathi and his team for all this.

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