How I Dropped 26 kg and All My Diabetes Medicines


IRP freed Shyam Bahadur Singh from obesity, hypertension and diabetes 

  • Name-Mr.Shyam Bahadur Singh 
  • Age - 37 Years
  • Profession - software developer
  • Place-Pune

I am a software developer by profession and I enjoy my work immensely.  But this profession is defined by tight deadlines and difficult clients, which means stress. For me, this stress led to unhealthy eating habits and huge weight gain that finally gave me diabetes.

That would have been my life, had a chance not led me to Dr. Tripathi’s door. 

In 2016, during a posting in Chennai, I went for a routine check-up. Little did I realize what fate had in store for me. The reports showed I was a diabetic. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I was just 30 and a diabetic.

The doctors put me on anti-diabetes medicines, which kept changing and the dosages kept increasing too.  Clearly, medicines weren’t having the desired effect. Finally, my doctor suggested starting insulin.

I was very concerned; as it was I could barely handle the frequent changes in medicine and now it looked like I was going to be on insulin.  At the same time, I was seeing a lot of information about the complications of diabetes, like eye problems, heart issues, leg problems, kidney failure… Of all of these, fear of kidney damage worried me the most. I fell into a depression, believing there was no way out.

In desperation, I scoured the internet in search of alternatives, and by chance stumbled upon a video of Dr. Pramod Tripathi on YouTube. It was like a small light was switched on at the end of the dark tunnel that was my life.

I was astounded at his insights and the amazing results his Intensive Reversal Program (IRP), had shown.  The best part was that the program is held entirely online.

With the Covid lockdowns already in place, it seemed ideal. Excited and hopeful, I attended the Online First Session (OFS) on diabetes reversal in December 2020. 

OFS was one big ‘aha’ moment. In the span of just 2 hours, I learned so many things about diabetes: its causes, risk factors, and the science behind FFD’s reversal Diabetes program. Fully convinced, I enrolled in IRP Batch 66. 

It was the start of a wonderfully satisfying journey.

When I joined FFD I was a huge 104.3kg with problems of hypertension and high cholesterol.  My main objective was to lose weight, bring my diabetes under control, and achieve a good level of physical fitness.

My expectations were more than met. Within just 10 days of joining IRP, my diabetic medicines were totally stopped; less than three weeks later my hypertension medicine was also stopped.

I was ecstatic. But there was more good news waiting for me. My weight, which had been dropping steadily through the program, continued falling and in around eight months' time, I had shed 26 kilos! The highest in my Batch 66.

Along the way, I discovered my athletic identity as a cyclist. It gave me a sense of purpose, as well as a way to stay healthy and in shape.

My fear of kidney failure has completely disappeared. Thank God! I am finally fit, healthy and happy to be medicine-free.

This is all thanks to Diabetes Specialist Dr. Pramod Tripathi and FFD. Their four Diabetes reversal protocols of diet, exercise, inner transformation, and medical work fantastically well.

FFD’s team of doctors, experts, mentors, and my own batchmates were generous in their guidance, support, and encouragement.

I owe my transformation, in a large measure, to them all.

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