How I reduced my HbA1c from 11.9 to 5.9 with FFD's help

  • Name- Mrs. Vaishali Nilesh Dhoot 
  • Age- 44 years
  • Profession- Family Business & FFD Mentor
  • Place - Aurangabad

Diabetes is not simple.  It affects you physically as well as mentally.  And who knows better than me.  Luckily, I came to FFD, and here I am in pink of my health.

I am Vaishali Dhoot, 45 years young, a resident, of Aurangabad, Maharashtra. I am working with my husband in our family business. Along with this, for the last 2.5 years, I'm doing a mentorship with FFD.

I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2015 when I had gone for a medical check-up due to tiredness and pain.  Both my mom and dad are diabetic.

I used to get tired easily, was always low on energy, and faced severe leg pain, neuropathy, and urinary tract infection problems. Climbing even a single flight of stairs was a big task for me at that time. All this affected my mental health as well.

I started my treatment for diabetes with allopathy and homeopathy medicines.  My HbA1c then was 11.7.  Surprisingly, after continuing with the treatment for 6 months my HbA1c saw a rise as high as 11.9, instead of improvement.  My doctor suggested I shift on insulin as the medicine was showing no effect.  But I didn't want to shift to insulin, I was reluctant.

Mrs. Vaishali Nilesh Dhoot 

How did I come to know about FFD?

At that very time, my mom attended Dr. Subodh Deshmukh's live session at Ahmednagar on FFD and gave me the information. My mom got free from insulin within 10 days of joining FFD, so I also decided to join.

My FFD journey

1. Becoming medicine free

I enrolled my name in the FFD diabetes reversal program - HTP batch 44.  My journey with FFD started in February 2019 and within a month I was free from medicines. In just 3 months, under the guidance of Dr. Pramod Tripathi and his team, I lost 12 kg and my HBA1C dropped down to 6.4.  In further 3 months, that is after 6 months of joining the program, my HbA1c level was 5.9 which was simply wonderful.

2. A journey from pale cow to becoming a horse

Becoming medicine-free was the easy part.  The main challenge of muscle-building started after that. At that stage, I was looking like a pale cow. The process of becoming a horse started under the guidance of Dr. Malhar Sir. I started cycling again after nearly 25 years.

Started with 5 km and soon reached my century ride. After that, I started going to the gym and learned to swim at the age of 45 years. FFD made me free not only from medicine but helped me to build up my confidence.  I regularly started going on treks, even did rappelling, and cycling, and at the gym started heavy weight training like 100 kg deadlifts and all.

3. Family health improved too (total family weight loss of 75 kg)

Due to FFD, not only my health improved but also my family's. My family also got conscious of their health. We, as a family have reduced 75 kg of weight in total to date. Now, I enjoy going on family treks, family gym time, and other fitness activities.

4. Gratitude

Freedom from Diabetes has helped me develop myself into a healthier person and the journey still continues. I am very thankful to the FFD team for all the support, motivation, and guidance.

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