How I stopped taking my medicines and reduced 15 kg weight

  • Name- Mrs. Seema Rajput
  • Age- 57 years
  • Profession- Teacher
  • Place - Delhi

FFD did everything for me.  It educated, guided, supported me throughout and the result is just amazing! I am Seema Rajput, a 57-year-old teacher from Delhi.  Qualification-wise, I am M.A. B.Ed. My mother and father both are diabetic which directly puts me in the strong family history category.

In 2017, I suffered from fever and other problems like pain in different parts of the body, tiredness, weakness, lethargy, etc.  So I went to see my doctor.  Upon doing the necessary tests, it was revealed that I was a diabetic.  As I did not get it in my earlier years, I was under the assumption that I would never get diabetes, ever.  But it was the reality that I had to face.

Even though it was a short span of time since the detection of my diabetes, I was taking a big dose, a total of 3000 mg in a day.  What amount of medicines would I need to take with time?  This thought used to disturb me a lot.  And I started looking for ways to control diabetes.

One day I came to know about my relative.  He had joined the FFD's Diabetes Reversal Program and became free from diabetes.  What a piece of information that was!  Just the very news that one can get rid of diabetes was overwhelming for me.

Mrs. Seema Rajput

I came to know that first I need to attend the Discover Reversal Session of Dr. Pramod Tripathi to get an overview of how diabetes reversal happens at FFD, so I attended it.  It was a beautiful session by Dr. Pramod Tripathi himself.

I then registered myself in the Holistic Transformation Program HTP batch 65 starting from 12th December 2020.

FFD made me realize more clearly that health is just not diet and exercise.  There are a lot of other things involved in it.  The synergistic approach of FFD is the right way to approach good health.

I started following all the protocols as told.  Within a month my fasting and PP1 medicine stopped and after 3 months I became medicine free...completely. 

Weight reduction was also another goal that I needed to focus on.  I was on the heavier side with 80 kg of weight and a BMI of 30.3.   All my doubts in relation to weight reduction were satisfactorily cleared by FFD exercise experts and I was on it too.  I could successfully reduce 15 kg of my weight in around 3 months.  This was another achievement for me.

After I reached a certain stage of reversal, I was explained about the glycemic ladder and GTT - the glucose tolerance test.  I was very much willing to go for it and test the waters.  I am happy to share that I cleared IGT and am hopeful that I will clear GTT soon.

I feel good as I am diabetes-free.  I still follow FFD protocol with some cheating occasionally, but my sugar levels are under control. 

I am really thankful to the whole FFD team for this achievement.  Special thanks to Dr. Tripathi for his wonderful great work.  May God bless him and his team. 


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