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26 years of medicines reducing within 3-4 months & all my medicines stopped

  • Name- Mr.Akhilesh Chhabra
  • Age- 60 years
  • Profession- Works in LIC
  • Place - New Delhi

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

It is not that I did not know this, but I understood this more clearly after coming to FFD. 

I am an employee of LIC and on the verge of retirement now.  I love my job but it is stressful. 

What happened and how was I diagnosed to have diabetes is a story that goes back to 26 years.  Suddenly, I had started noticing changes in my body, was feeling frequently thirsty and people around me had noticed sudden weight loss in me. 

I did not realize it but their comments led me to visit my doctor.  Tests had shown it to be diabetes.

The common cause for having diabetes for most is lack of physical activity or obesity.  But in my case, I do not think that was the reason.  I have always been physically active.  rather used to play badminton for up to 3 hours regularly.

The reason would have been too many things going at the same time for me in terms of personal life as well as a professional level.

Doctors put me on medicines.  As the disease progressed, I had to be put on insulin, but managed it with diet.  The insulin had stopped but medicines continued. 

One unpleasant thing happened, I suffered from heart issues for which I had to undergo angioplasty.

Having medicines for such a long time i.e. 26 years was definitely not a good thing.  I always kept looking for some way to come out of my diabetes.  In doing so, one day I happened to see an FFD youtube and this aroused my interest and hope.

10th October 2020 onwards my Intensive Reversal Program batch began and my good days also.

Following all the Diabetes reversal protocols properly started giving me results.  Within one month of starting my IRP program, my 26 years of medicines started reducing.  Within 3-4 months all my medicines stopped.  This progress was overwhelming for me.

What in FFD worked for me?

I would say physical activity was always there in my life as I have been an athlete all my life.  The only problem area would have been wrong diet, lack of inner peace, and to some extent by genes.

My own commitment to the program plus the right guidance from FFD has done the work.

Thank you, FFD.

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