Jeevan S. Borale: The best success story from Bangalore

No medicine, good physique, lot of positivity

  • Name- Mr. Jeevan S. Borale
  • Age- 37 years
  • Profession- Sr. Software Engineer
  • Place - Bangalore

Why did I join FFD?

I wanted to reverse diabetes and maintain a good physique.


Hi All

I am Jeevan S. Borale, a 37 years young Sr. Software Engineer from Bangalore.  There is no family history of diabetes in my case. Stress-wise, there has been some work-related and personal stress.

How did I get to know about my diabetes?

The 2017 routine medical check-up confirmed my diabetes.

Problems faced

I faced a lot of anxiety because of diabetes and BP.

How did I get to know about FFD?

One of my friends referred FFD to me. She is an ex-participant.

Mr. Jeevan S. Borale

My FFD journey

To get an overview, I first attended the online introductory session DRS of Dr. Pramod Tripathi. Soon, I enrolled in the FFD diabetes reversal program HTP batch 80 and began my journey toward good health.

Diabetes medicines have completely stopped, Now, I am only on one tablet for BP and one tablet for cholesterol.

Weight has been reduced by 5 kg.



I am feeling confident and energetic. Start every day with full positivity. My routine includes exercise and meditation.

Happy being free of medicines. 



  • Medicine free
  • Good physique
  • A lot of positivity
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