Medicine-free life is true Freedom

  • Name- Mrs. Sujata kishor Subandh 
  • Age- 45 years
  • Profession- Housewife
  • Place - Mumbai, India


Nobody likes to be on daily medicine. Freedom from Diabetes is the only organization that does not prescribe medicine but talks about becoming free of medicine.



I am Sujata Kishor Subandh, a 45 years young lady from Mumbai. I am a postgraduate but willingly opted to be a housewife. Speaking about medical history, I do not have a direct family history of diabetes.  

How did I get to know about my diabetes?

I came to know about my high blood sugar level during the seventh month of my second pregnancy.  The doctor at that time put me on insulin to maintain my sugar level.  After delivery, I tend to ignore my health and as a result put on a lot of weight.  I also realized I was feeling fatigued and weak.  So, went to see the doctor who found my sugar levels to be high.  I was begun on oral medicines for diabetes.  

Mr. Sujata kishor Subandh 

Difficulties I faced

As mentioned above, the main issues were overweight, tiredness, and weakness.  I also suffered from constipation.  I am already taking medicine for Hypertension since 2008.

Introduction to "Freedom from Diabetes"

One of my cousin's office colleagues was an FFD participant.  His insulin had stopped after coming to FFD.  He was the one who motivated and encouraged me.

Freedom from Diabetes journey

I was lucky enough to have got a chance to attend Dr. Pramod Tripathi sir's live session in Thane, Mumbai as it was pre-COVID time.  The session was simply superb as it gave us a clear idea about the causes of diabetes and how reversal is approached.  I then joined the FFD diabetes reversal program - HTP.

I am happy to share that just 1 month after joining HTP, all my diabetes medicines stopped.  There has been a great improvement weight-wise too.  My weight before joining FFD was 64 kg, it dropped to 54 kg which is great.

My thoughts

I feel very energetic and light now.  Weakness has disappeared.  A medicine-free life is truly amazing.  All thanks to Dr. Pramod Tripathi and FFD.


  • Freedom from medicine
  • 10 kg weight loss
  • Super Energy

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