My FFD Tale of Weight Loss and Culinary Wisdom

Shailaja's Journey from 102 kg to 88 kg with FFD

  • Name - Mrs. Shailaja Dhakate Kharbanda
  • Age - 56 Years Young
  • Profession - Regional Manager
  • Place - Mumbai

Hello all,

I'm Shailaja Dhakate Kharbanda, Regional Manager at The New India Assurance Company Ltd.

My weight gain story

Being an avid food lover, I indulged in whatever culinary delights crossed my path, paying little attention to the consequences.

The unrestricted consumption of junk food took its toll, manifesting in a significant weight gain that soared to a challenging 102 kg, adversely impacting my daily life.

Despite attempts at incorporating yoga and walking into my routine, the results proved elusive. Struggling with excess weight, I found myself yearning for weight loss without a clear and effective strategy in sight.

The dream of shedding those extra pounds lingered, fueled by a desire for a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

How did FFD happen?

My senior colleague (my boss) had been a dedicated follower of FFD for three years, successfully reversing his diabetes and achieving a noteworthy weight loss in the process. Witnessing the tangible positive impact on his health piqued my interest in FFD.

What made me join FFD?

I desperately wanted to lose weight. FFD was offering hope. I joined FFD's annual program HTP with the intention of weight loss.

Mrs. Shailaja Dhakate Kharbanda

My weight loss story


Embarking on my journey with FFD has been truly remarkable, surpassing the results of my previous endeavors.

The personalized weight loss plan crafted by the dedicated FFD team yielded astonishing results, with my initial weight of 102 kg reducing down to 88 kg within just nine months—an achievement I find truly amazing.

FFD has been instrumental in reshaping my perspective on food, teaching me not only what to eat but also when and how much. The importance of portion control became clear through this transformative experience.

The inner transformation session was invaluable, providing insights that significantly contributed to my overall well-being.

The group sessions are terrific inspiration. A heartfelt thanks to my dietician Tanmayi Naik, exercise expert Dr. Sayali Kale, and the entire FFD team for their expert guidance and unwavering support throughout this transformative journey.

Key quote

If you are looking for lasting weight loss, FFD is the perfect place to achieve it.

Key takeaways

  • Weight loss 14 kg
  • Gained comprehensive insights into food


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