My incredible 34.5 kg weight loss story - Animesh

How FFD protocols helped me lose 34.5 kg

  • Name - Mr. Animesh Kumar Tiwari
  • Age - 36 Years Young
  • Profession - Business Owner
  • Place - Bhilai, Chhattisgarh

Hello all,

I'm Animesh Kumar Tiwari, a business owner from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh.

My weight gain story

My profession requires extensive travel and frequent consumption of outside food. The combination of these factors resulted in uncontrollable obesity, causing my weight to soar to as high as 148 kg.

Life was difficult and I was unaware of a way to address the escalating issue.

How did FFD happen?

I learned about FFD through my sister's in-laws. I then enrolled my mother's name into FFD's diabetes reversal program and her health improved dramatically.

What made me choose FFD?

I wanted to lose weight and FFD was offering hope. Seeing my mother's improvement and learning about FFD's expertise in weight loss too, I decided to join the HTP program for weight loss.

Mr. Animesh Kumar Tiwari

My weight loss story

Choosing to join FFD was one of the wisest decisions I've made. Little did I know that it would have such a transformative impact on my health.

The dedicated FFD team, after thoroughly studying my case, devised a personalized weight loss plan, and I began experiencing positive changes from day one.

Within the first month, I shed an impressive 18-19 kg, and over the next 8 months, I successfully lost a remarkable 34.5 kg—a truly amazing achievement.

I am now free from cholesterol medications. Embracing yoga and jogging for exercise, my size has reduced from 5XL to 2XL, earning me compliments from friends and family.

FFD has dispelled myths about diet and exercise, and although I haven't reached my ideal weight yet, I am confident that with FFD's continued support, I will achieve my goals.

Key quote

Thank you, FFD for showing me a path to sustainable weight loss.

Key takeaways

  • Weight loss 34.5 kg
  • Cholesterol medicines stopped
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