My Journey to Complete Freedom - No Insulin, No Medicines

Enjoying Freedom From Both Insulin & Medicines - Thanks to FFD

  • Name - Mr. Subbarao Venkatta Duggirala
  • Age - 69 Years Young
  • Profession - Financial Adviser
  • Place - Muscat, Oman

Hello All,

I'm Subbarao Duggirala, a Financial Advisor working in Muscat, Oman.

Key Takeaways

  • Stopped Insulin and all Diabetes Medication
  • Increased Positivity

My Diabetes Story

A medical check-up around 24 years ago disclosed I was diabetic. There is no strong history but my late paternal uncle was a diabetic.

I was started on tablets in the year 2000 which continued until 2015 when I had to undergo a heart bypass surgery after which insulin was added to the tablets I was already taking to prevent damage to my kidneys.

For the past 24 years, doctors have only changed the dosage or added new medicines. Never was there any serious advice or discussion on dietary habits or exercise.

I was always told that there was no permanent cure for diabetes.

How was FFD Introduced?


I learned about FFD through a friend who is already a satisfied FFD participant.

What made me choose FFD?


The fervent hope that I could someday reverse my diabetes and be free from insulin injections and diabetic medicines as well as avoid the long-term complications that could arise from diabetes.

Mr. Subbarao Venkatta Duggirala

The Reversal Story So Far

I am really glad that I enrolled in the FFD program as the results, so far, have exceeded my expectations.

As I started following the personalized plan, I began to see changes. My FBS started dropping, my insulin dosage started decreasing and after just three weeks I was told to stop taking insulin altogether.

Shortly thereafter, with my FBS still dropping and my PPS at reasonable levels, I was told to stop taking my diabetes medicines as well. My heart medication, however, is continuing.

Initially, I lost 3 kg, going from 72 to 69 but I have now gone back up to 71kg.

At the end of 3 months, all readings are better than what they were at the start of the FFD program. The HbA1C has come down slightly (I hoped for a bigger drop) but I have to admit that the latest readings were achieved without any diabetic medicines for 2 months.

There is more than enough motivation to attempt a complete transformation by the end of the one-year program.

I have made sincere efforts to adhere to the FFD protocols which are paying off.

My wife has been a bedrock of support throughout this journey. A wonderful caregiver, she has also embraced the FFD diet along with me.

Key Quote

What a great feeling to be free from insulin and medicines. Thank you FFD.