Pharma Consultant Ashok Tulankar's Diabetes Reversal Success Story


Mr.Ashok Tulankar lost 10 Kg Weight & medicines for diabetes stopped

  • Name- Ashok Tulankar
  • Age- 66 years
  • Profession- Pharma Consultant
  • Place - Gujarat

From all the experiences in my life, I knew one thing for sure. if at all, major surgery is required it can be delayed a bit but cannot be avoided. Surprisingly, FFD proved this notion of mine wrong! By profession, I am a pharma consultant working for 7-8 companies. Though I do not have any family history of diabetes, professional stress is definitely present. In 2009, I was in Gujarat.

That time, I noticed that I started having sudden fever only in the evening time. This happened for 3-4 days consecutively and I had to rush to my doctor for this. 

Interestingly, my tests were revealing high sugars and diabetes was diagnosed. Life continued with medications. In October 2019, I started experiencing shooting pain in my left hand giving me sleepless nights. The pain was really unbearable. The X-rays showed bone growth at  C5, C6 & C7, touching the food pipe, and needed major surgery.

When I tried to understand the reason behind bone growth, I was explained bone growth occurs in old age and fluctuating sugars also have an impact on it. This was a final blow for me when I decided something seriously needs to be done. I came to know about FFD through a past participant who had benefitted from "Freedom from Diabetes".

My association with Freedom from Diabetes started with an online first session on 4th January 2020 followed by myself enrolling in Intensive Reversal Program (IRP) batch 54. From then, the experience has been impressive. As I began following all the protocols, my sugars started reducing and on the very 20th day my medicines for diabetes stopped and since then I am free.

My HbA1c has gone down to 5.1 from a high level of 7.8.

I am really thankful to the Freedom from Diabetes team a lot for helping me gain lost weight. It so happened that I had a quick weight loss of 10 kg and was worried about the same.

But with proper dietary guidance from the FFD team, I could successfully regain my weight. Now, my exercise regime consists of-

  • 48 Surya namaskars
  • cardio
  • pranayam
  • meditation
  • yoga asanas - 8
  • Kapalbhati
  • 18 push-ups to build muscle strengths

 I feel energetic like a 35-year-old person. Can climb 17 floors through staircase without pain.


Current Status of Health:-

  • Actual Age: 66 years
  • Metabolic age: 35 years
  • BP: 75 - 95
  • Fat: 19 %
  • Visceral Fat: 4
  • Muscle strength: 38 %
  • Weight now: 60 kg ( this was my SAF goal )
  • Now MRI shows no bone growth

The journey was also experimental for me. I used to try various types of foods and check my sugars. This has definitely increased my confidence.

And last but not the least, the important and unique thing that happened to me was my bone growth disappeared and I no longer needed to go for surgery!

Thanks To,

Freedom from Diabetes Team 

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