Pradeep Ramwani: Not only Reversed Diabetes as a Bonus Lost weight too!

  • Name- Mr.Pradeep Natwatlal Ramwani
  • Age- 38 years
  • Profession- Business Owner
  • Place - Gujarat

I met FFD in time and saved my life.I am Pradeep Natwatlal Ramwani 38 years young business owner from Gujarat.  I am also into the finance and construction business. 

I suffered from COVID, had to be on steroids, and due to that my sugar levels went high.  All this is just a blame game I think now.  It is not the truth.  COVID has just been the reason to come to know about my diabetes.

Actually, there are a number of reasons why I got diabetes and if it was not for COVID, I would have definitely got it in some time.  Firstly, both my parents suffer from diabetes.  Secondly, everything about my lifestyle was wrong.  I used to eat 6 times a day.

So this was it, I was a diabetic with my fasting sugars as high as 200-250 and PP too in the 250 range.  My doctor immediately put me on Metformin 2 times a day.

I was already suffering from high blood pressure since 2015.  In 2021, was also found to have high cholesterol levels and started on medication for that too.  Wrong eating habits, had put me in the heavyweight category with 110 kg of weight.

I also suffered from acidity, constipation, gases, tiredness, fear, anger, depression along with the above.Having so many issues at this very young age of 38 years was definitely quite distressing.  It was pushing me towards a lot of negativity too.

I came to know about FFD through a friend of mine.  It was like a god-sent message for me.  I joined FFD's Holistic Transformation Program 72. I followed everything taught at FFD strictly - the diet, the exercise, meditation, stair climbing and was told to stop all my diabetes medicines on the very 3rd day of my program.  This was the best news.


Mr.Pradeep Natwatlal Ramwani

Another good thing that happened to me was my BP medicines were reduced to half.  Earlier, even 3 tablets in a day could not control my BP well.  Another achievement at FFD!

Earlier, climbing even a few steps could make me breathless.  Now, I can climb up to 700 stairs easily.  There has been immense improvement in strength and stamina now.

My weight loss journey also has been interesting.  I have come down to 80 kg from a very high 110 kg.  Shedding this excess weight is a completely new experience for me.  The additional advantage of this weight loss is that I am catching the attention of many nowadays.  And who does not like attention... Attention makes you feel great!

All the phases and stages are well thought out.  The inner transformation worked wonders for me.  My long-time anxiety problem has resolved to a large extent and I am very happy about it.

Impressed with my progress, many of my acquaintances have joined FFD and benefitted immensely.

All-in-all, I am very happy.  Thank you, FFD.


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