Rajeev Prasad: 3 years of medicine stopped in one month

Enjoying life as a gymmer

  • Name- Mr. Rajeev Arvind Prasad
  • Age-  29 Years Young 
  • Profession- Accountant
  • Place - Dadra and Nagar Haveli


I am Rajeev Arvind Prasad an accountant from Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

Why did I join FFD?

Rising sugar levels were very stressful and disturbing.

Diabetes story

A medical check-up for excess thirst and excess urination confirmed I was a diabetic. Since there is no family history, I was completely unaware of this condition.

How did FFD happen?

The COVID time was stressful for me too like others which led to rising sugar levels. An extensive internet search landed me on the FFD page and I still feel fortunate about it. 

The webinar by Dr. Pramod Tripathi was fabulous following which I immediately joined FFD diabetes reversal program HTP.

Mr. Rajeev Arvind Prasad

Reversal journey

I was only on one tablet for a long time but when the medicine dosage began increasing, I felt the need to do something. Luckily, I found FFD.
My diabetes medicine stopped within one month of joining HTP. Weight loss has been remarkable. I have lost 10 kg so far.
On the exercise front, I have chosen an athletic identity of a gymmer and go to the gym 5 days a week regularly.
Key quotes

"I am very happy being free of medicine."

Key takeaways

  • Medicine stopped
  • Weight loss 10 kg
  • Enjoying the identity of a "Gymmer"
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