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  • Name- Mrs. Anita
  • Age- 47 years
  • Profession-Homemaker
  • Place - Delhi

I never believed that a total transformation is possible, ever!  but now I can say it is possible. I am Anita, 47 years young, homemaker, from Delhi.  Doing daily chores, and looking after the family has been great.  I enjoy it. Family history-wise, my mother has diabetes which means there is maternal history.

I suffered from a lot of health issues actually.  The first blow was in 2009 when the thyroid issue was detected.  Then came BP in 2013 and 2018 was double blow diabetes and cholesterol.  Tests done in 2018 confirmed my diabetes.

I used to feel very tired and had put on a lot of weight too.  The quality of life was definitely not up to the mark with so many medicines and constant worry about health.

One day while surfing through YouTube, I came across a video of Dr. Pramod Tripathi sir.  He was speaking about how to reverse diabetes and the reversal of co-morbidities with examples.  It was very encouraging news for me.  I watched many more videos and visited the FFD website too.

Mrs. Anita

I enrolled myself in the FFD diabetes reversal program - HTP batch 79 beginning on 12 February 2022.  Little did I know then that my life is going to undergo a beautiful transformation. 

FFD team of experts thoroughly studied my case.  I can say I got personalized treatment here.  I was aptly advised to avoid goitrogenic food items as I had thyroid issues.

When I had doubts about fluctuations in sugars, I was asked to share my meal plates and then given clarification. Before joining FFD, I was taking Metformin 500 and Jardiance 10 mg once daily in between breakfast.  Now, I am only on 0.5 Jardiance with breakfast.

I am feeling light, more positive, and fully determined in this journey.  Feeling better and better daily.  It is unbelievable for me to lose 10 kg of weight after joining FFD. 

Joining the Gym is a wonderful experience in my life that I never thought about before.  I can handle my anger issues very easily now.  Become broad-minded.  Understanding the things in daily life is much better.  

Grateful to the FFD Team, especially my doctor and dietician for making the impossible, possible.  I am very proud to be a member of the FFD family. My special thanks to Dr. Pramod Tripathi sir.  God bless. 

Reverse Diabetes

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