Sachin Rajaram Patil: An inspiring reversal story of a software engineer

Freedom from medicine boosted confidence

  • Name-  Mr. Sachin Rajaram Patil 
  • Age-  33 Years Young
  • Profession- Software Engineer
  • Place - Pune, Maharashtra

I joined FFD because I felt they have a systematic and scientific process to reverse diabetes.


I am Sachin Rajaram Patil, a 33 years young Software engineer from Pune.
I have a strong family history of diabetes with my grandmother and both parents having it. But I had never thought I would get it so early.

How did I get to know about my diabetes?

A few months ago, I noticed sudden weight loss. Also was having symptoms of frequent urination, thirst, headache, etc. 
Frequent hunger pangs were forcing me to eat more. I went ahead and got myself tested. That’s when I got to know.

How did I come to know about FFD?

From the very first day, I decided to reverse my diabetes. I was aware that reversal is an option but I also knew I needed people and a system to follow. Just dieting and exercising on my own would not reverse it. 
I was acutely aware of long-term diabetic complications, so started searching on Google for options. I explored deeper and saw reviews and modalities.

Luckily, I had watched Dr. Pramod Tripathi on Z24 Taas 3-4 years before but didn't know the end-to-end process at that time. This time I quickly enrolled for the 2-hour webinar.

Mr. Sachin Rajaram Patil 

FFD journey

The 2-hour diabetes reversal session was amazing as Dr. Tripathi had logical answers to all queries that I had in my mind. Plus he showed various examples of successful participants which were great.

Without a single doubt, I joined FFD diabetes reversal program HTP and began my reversal journey.

The medicines that I was taking for diabetes stopped within 8 days of joining HTP.  I had already lost weight due to diabetes from 83 to 72 kg before joining

The stoppage of medicine and improvement in health gave me confidence that I can reverse my diabetes in the long term.

I also learned how to take care of my health with a proper balance of diet, exercise, and inner peace.


I am happy that I was aware and met FFD on time. I feel that I will not be living with diabetes anymore.


Key takeaways

  • Freedom from medicine
  • Confident about health
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