Shanthi Umapathy: A weight loss story from Bangalore

Lost 15 kg, learned weight management

  • Name- Shanthi Umapathy 
  • Age- 60 Years Young
  • Profession- Corporate Professional
  • Place - Bangalore Karnataka

The motive behind joining FFD

I am non-diabetic but came to know FFD is expertise in weight loss too.


Hello All
I am Shanthi Umapathy, a 60 years old lady from Bangalore.


Weight gain story 

I am a lady of medium height 154 cm but my weight was pretty high 80 kg. This put me in an obese BMI category.

A heavy weight was causing problems like back pain, hypertension, skin, leg & foot problems (varicose veins/sciatica/unhealing wound/gangrene), and knee pain.

I tried Anjali Mukerjee's diet. They gave me some powder to consume. But this did not help me much, I lost only 3-4 kg.

How did I come to know about FFD?

One of my runner friends told me about FFD. This rose my interest a lot so I did my research and found that many have benefitted not only in terms of diabetes but weight loss, hypertension, cholesterol issues, etc.


Weight loss journey with FFD

I attended the online introductory session of Dr. Pramod Tripathi named DRS first.

There it got even more clear that with FFD, thousands have achieved 10-20 + kg weight loss successfully. To put the statistics in an interesting way, they have helped people shed 3 lakh+ kilogram weight in total.

Soon I joined FFD diabetes reversal program HTP for weight loss.

The program began by explaining the healthy weight loss plan. By following it, I realized it is the best weight loss plan I have come across yet. I have succeeded in reaching 64 kg which is great for me. I am confident that I will reach my target weight of 60 kg soon.



There has been a great change in my life with FFD. I have joined the gym and enjoying it.

FFD takes care of the mind, body, soul, and everything. When people around me appreciate my 15 kg weight loss I tell them it is due to FFD. I also explained to them that FFD is not only limited to diabetes reversal but also helps reverse lifestyle disorders.

I have learned how to reduce, control, and maintain my weight now and am so very much relieved. I have a few more months to go, will get more from the program. 

Had been to Dubai as well during this period. Even with traveling, I was able to manage my weight.

Thank you very much, FFD.



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  • Learned weight management
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