Shobhana Jitendra Nanawala: FFD gave me a restriction-free life

Life is great without medicine

  • Name-  Mrs. Shobhana Jitendra Nanawala
  • Age-  65 Years Young
  • Profession- Forensic Science Officer
  • Place - Surat, Gujarat


Hi all
I am Shobhana Jitendra Nanawala from Surat, Gujarat.

Although now retired, I was working as a Forensic Science Officer with the Government of Gujarat,

What inspired me to join FFD?

I wanted a unrestricted, medicine-free life. 

Family history

Both my parents suffered from diabetes.

How did I get to know about my diabetes?

In December 2014, I was hospitalized for flu-like symptoms which was suspected to be swine flu. My random sugars at the time became very high around 230-250mg/dL. I was told I needed to be on medicines temporarily but they continued. 

I did not suffer from any major complications but somewhere in my mind I never liked the limitations on food, especially in social events or meetings. 

Mrs. Shobhana Jitendra Nanawala

How did FFD happen?

My husband is a psychiatrist and he had a WhatsApp group of his doctor friends. I got the FFD link through this group.  I thought "If doctors are recommending it, there must be something”.  I finally made up my mind and joined the Diabetes Reversal Program (HTP).

FFD journey

It has been a beautiful journey to being an FFDian.  All 4 protocols are superb.  My diabetes medicines stopped in around 4-5 months and  I lost a good 13 kgs of weight too.
One more good thing! I lost 2-2.5 inches uniformly and now I am fit to wear my favorite clothes!!

"Quotable Quote"

"I feel light and very happy. I’m enjoying compliments from family and friends. Thank you, FFD"

Key takeaways

  • Freedom from medicine
  • Weight loss of 13 kg 
  • Uniform inch loss


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