Tara Kulkarni: A story of true lifestyle transformation

Medicine-free, supreme fitness!

  • Name-  Mrs. Tara Madhav Kulkarni 
  • Age- 63 Years Young
  • Profession- Sr. Manager
  • Place - Bangalore

Hello friends

I am Tara Madhav Kulkarni,  a retired Sr. Bank Manager from Bangalore.

The inspiration behind joining FFD


I always wanted to follow a healthy lifestyle but did not know the proper way.

Diabetes story

I got to know about my diabetes during a routine medical checkup.  There were no symptoms as such. Family history-wise, my mother does suffer from diabetes. From a work perspective, working in a bank is a bit stressful.  So these two could have been the contributing factors I feel.

How did FFD happen?

I came to know about FFD through my cousin.

 Mrs. Tara Madhav Kulkarni 

Reversal story

I was trying to do the right things on my own but did not have the appropriate knowledge.

I first attended a webinar by Dr. Pramod Tripathi where he superbly explained to us the causes of diabetes and the concept of diabetes reversal. I immediately enrolled myself in the FFD diabetes reversal program HTP batch 76.

FFD educated us on how to choose the right food and do the right exercise. My eating habits got streamlined and all the medicines stopped within three months of joining HTP. There has been some improvement on the weight front too.  I weighed 51 kg and my current weight is 47-48 kg.

I am very punctual in my exercise. Feeling so light and energetic that just yesterday I could easily climb 500 stairs up and down.  Sitting on the floor which used to be a difficult task has now become a cakewalk.

Key quotes

"I am free from diabetes and in good health.  FFD showed me a path to a healthy lifestyle"

Key takeaways

  • Medicine stoppage
  • Supreme fitness achieved
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