Unveiling my 17 kg weight loss with FFD - Raksha

From 74 kg to 57 kg: My FFD Success Tale

  • Name - Mrs. Raksha Shrivastava
  • Age - 45 Years Young
  • Profession - Housewife
  • Place - Bangalore

Hello all,

I'm Raksha Shrivastava, a Housewife.

Key Takeaways

  • Weight loss 17 kg
  • Superb energy
  • Super positivity

My Weight Gain Story

I grappled with weight gain despite maintaining a consistent exercise routine and predominantly consuming homemade meals.

The challenges intensified with the onset of the perimenopausal phase (PMS), exacerbating the issue. The excess weight began taking a toll, manifesting in the form of knee problems.

Recognizing this as a warning sign, I realized the urgency of addressing my weight to prevent potential complications in the future.

How was FFD introduced?

Relocating from the United States to India seemed to be a twist of fate. Divine intervention operates through various individuals, and it so happened that I coincidentally encountered my former neighbor.

Strikingly, I failed to recognize her due to a remarkable transformation, and it was through this encounter that I learned about FFD.

What made me choose FFD?

I was eager to shed excess weight, and after watching Dr. Pramod and Dr. Malhar discussed this on YouTube, I became completely convinced that this program would be beneficial for my weight loss journey. I enrolled myself in FFD's annual program - HTP for weight loss.

Mrs. Raksha Shrivastava

My Weight Loss Story

Joining FFD has proven to be the best decision of my life. The FFD team conducted a comprehensive analysis of my case and crafted a personalized plan that I followed diligently.

As a result, I successfully shed 17 kg, going from 74 kg to 57 kg. Remarkably, for the past three months, I've been able to maintain my weight even without adhering to a strict diet and experimenting with different foods.

The FFD program works like magic, imparting the knowledge of achieving sustainable weight loss, a feat I hadn't accomplished in my previous attempts.

I now feel incredibly energetic, relishing the compliments from family and friends that serve as motivating affirmations. My satisfaction with the FFD program is so profound that I enthusiastically recommend it to others, believing they too can reap its benefits.

Dr. Pramod and Dr. Malhar's wisdom is invaluable. Their emphasis on setting clear goals, having a grateful attitude, and habits like journal writing are superb.

The program provides substantial nutritional and fitness knowledge which is a lifetime gain. It has equipped me with tools to guide my life positively. Currently, I am thoroughly enjoying the positive changes.

Key quote

I express sincere gratitude to my dedicated FFD team, Dr. Pramod Tripathi, and Dr. Malhar for guiding me toward a healthy life.

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