Weight Loss Success Story of Mr. Subramanya

Within 6 Months I lost Weight 28 Kg

  • Name- Mr.Subramanya Avadhani
  • Age- 49 years
  • Profession- Cloud Architect, MNC
  • Place - Bangalore

The right search in the right direction matters most!

Myself Subramanya Avadhani from Bangalore. I work as an IT Systems Cloud Architect at an MNC in Bangalore. 

I was a very obese person with a hanging belly and weighed 98.9 in December 2020 as a result of a pretty sedentary lifestyle with a lot of self-imposed work-related stress

I went for a regular medical check during the end of Dec-2020 and was diagnosed with pretty high Blood sugar levels with fasting being around 300 and PP1 being 500. I was really shocked to see the high numbers and was completely devastated to know that I was in a terrible health condition.

On the 21st of December, I did a Google search for 'Diabetes treatment without medication' and bumped on the FFD site. It was great to know about FFD and pleasantly surprising at the same time to know that something of this sort exists.  I did a chat to understand it better and later attended the Discover Reversal Session on 29th December 2020.

Everything about FFD's approach was new and interesting for me.  The examples of people who had undergone a big weight loss were truly inspiring.  I thought even if I cannot lose a huge weight I would definitely succeed in losing a decent amount.

With that thought, I joined the Holistic Transformation Program (HTP) 66.

I started following all the protocols religiously and soon started getting the results also.  Experiencing a reduction in medicines and weight was great.  All my diabetes medicines stopped within one months' time.  I was in a happy state. 

As my weight started reducing, my movements became lighter and easier.  Going upstairs which used to be big trouble had become an interesting thing.  I realized, the extent of damage done by being overweight.

Within less than 6 months, I had lost around 28 kg of my weight.  Now I was a pretty slim and healthy person.

I am still on hypertension medication (20 Years) but very much confident that this will reduce soon considering my reading trends.


All thanks to FFD.

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