I had come to cure my diabetes but got lots of added benefits!

Hello, myself Saranya Rao, age 37, working as a project manager at INFOSYS, Pune.

My diabetes was detected during my pregnancy with my second child. I had to be on insulin and tablets both. In fact, I had to pump insulin 3 times a day and my injection sites and become purplish. Due to unstable sugars, my baby had to be delivered prematurely at 8 months. After that, I was on tablets for 1-1/2 years. Side by side my weight was also increasing, it had gone up to 84 kg. I had become lethargic and all this was affecting my office work. I used to be under constant fear of rising sugars.

I came to know about Freedom from Diabetes through Facebook ads. Then I started reading information about FFD and also saw videos on the FFD site. As I gathered information, I started understanding how things work. Convinced, I decided to join the Intensive Batch and go the proper way instead of doing something on my own. I joined 55 batch.

Within 3 days of joining IRP, my diabetes medicines stopped. I felt being on top of the world at that time.

As the program proceeded, I noticed an immense improvement in all aspects of my health. My Hba1c reduced from 6.7 to 5.6, fasting insulin reduced from 15.7 to 2.6, all this just within a span of 2-1/2 months. Not only this, but I lost a good 20 kg of my weight also.

One very interesting thing happened to me. Due to my breathing difficulty, I have been taking the help of inhaler since a very young age, standard 10th. But some MAGIC happened. I really don't know what but by following the INNER TRANSFORMATION Protocol, my breathing has improved and I do not have to use an inhaler that frequently any more now. Simply wonderful!

Earlier, even skipping a single meal was difficult for me. Now I can easily sustain long fasts.

I don't have words to express my happiness and gratitude towards FFD and Dr. Pramod Tripathi. I will simply say "Thanks a lot for everything".