March 24 : Top 10 Diabetes Reversal- Health Transformation Stories

Top 10 Success Stories of March 2024

1. Subbarao Venkatta Duggirala

Mr. Subbarao Venkaata Duggirala | Age - 69 Years | Muscat, Oman | Financial Adviser

Subbarao braved a monumental 24-year struggle with diabetes. Despite changing medications and dosages, his health deteriorated to the point of requiring insulin.

Fueled by a strong desire to reverse his diabetes, he joined FFD. His story is a testament to the transformative power of FFD, as he successfully freed himself from both insulin and medications.

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2. Dhananjaya B. C

Mr. Dhananjaya B C | Age - 42 Years | Bangalore | Business Owner

Dhananjaya's story is a good example of reversing not only diabetes but also co-morbidities. As a businessman who traveled frequently, he had adopted an unhealthy lifestyle that led to diabetes, high cholesterol, and weight gain up to 124 kg.

Upon a friend's recommendation, he joined FFD, which proved to be a life-changing decision.

Through FFD's program, Dhananjaya successfully reversed his diabetes, normalized his cholesterol levels, and shed an impressive 23 kg of weight.

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3. Jayavardhan

Mr. Jayavardhan | Age - 41 Years | Mumbai | General Manager

Jayavardhan had a health scare when hospitalized for high sugars and ketones, caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and work stress.

Inspired by a colleague, he joined FFD and achieved remarkable results. He reversed his diabetes, lost 36.9 kg, and even reduced his thyroid medication, defying his expectations. 

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4. Prerana Pandey

Mrs. Prerana Pandey | Age - 50 Years | Ahmedabad | High Court Advocate

Prerana Pandey, a High Court Advocate was grappling with thyroid issues, hypertension, and excessive weight for a considerable period.

However, it was her diabetes diagnosis that prompted her to seriously consider her health. Upon discovering FFD, she decided to join the program, and since then, she hasn't looked back.

She is now on the bare minimum of diabetes medication, having reduced her thyroid medication, and  has successfully shed a significant 25 kilograms of weight.

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5. Rakesh Bhatanagar

Mr. Rakesh Bhatnagar | Age - 53 Years | Delhi | Independent Professional

Rakesh Bhatnagar, an independent professional from Delhi, received his diagnosis of diabetes in 2020. Alongside this, he was also managing high blood pressure and excess weight.

However, things took a serious turn when he discovered he had developed high cholesterol. This health scare prompted him to seek a solution. Upon learning about FFD, Rakesh decided to take action.

Through his dedication and the guidance of the FFD team, he was able to reverse his diabetes and achieve a significant amount of weight loss.

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6. Vikas Vishnu Parab