Hello to all!! My name is Shrikant Kothalkar from Pune ... Age 69. I am a retired bank officer.

I was diabetic for 25 years and just like any other diabetic, even I was frustrated with my medicines and following a diabetic lifestyle. I used to follow all the terms which my doctor had asked me to. However, my sugar always used to be unstable and reached a stage when the doctor advised me to switch over to insulin.


My diabetes came with 3 PROBLEMS as a gift to me; FATTY LIVER, HIGH BP and HIGH CHOLESTEROL! I was very frustrated with my health issues. 


Then, out of nowhere, during a discussion with one of my friend, I came to know about Freedom From Diabetes! I had a long thought over it and at first, I thought it is simply impossible to reverse diabetes. But decided to give it a shot and I attended the basic program on 18th Feb 2018. After attending the program, I realized the importance of changing my diet and exercise.


At first, I started with the diet which was informed in the program and felt much better. My sugar level started to drop. I decided to have a detailed treatment from FFD and hence, I contacted the FFD clinic. The team informed me about the Intensive program. I joined the intensive program Batch 40 ... and believe me ... my 25 years tablets stopped in just 20 days!! That was not it ... my BP and cholesterol tablets also stopped and my fatty liver turned completely normal and my creatinine level is also in a normal range!! I lost a total of 15 kgs weight in just 4 months! 


I feel so energetic and I do dare to experiment new things with me now ... I rigorously follow the FFD diet and also exercise daily. I feel very fresh and enthusiastic. 


I thank Dr. Pramod Tripathi and team FFD for giving me my real freedom from diabetes and also showing me the magical way for inner transformation. 


To Know more about the programs, click at https://www.freedomfromdiabetes.org/Register