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Diabetes Reversal in action!

From helping you regain your health to enjoying your freedom, our one-year flagship program called the Holistic Transformation Program (HTP) does it all. Over the next one year, we, at FFD will be helping you take critical decisions that concerns your transformation using easy-to-adopt steps regarding your health. You will benefit immensely going through a proven phase wise program adapted to individual needṣ

What are the key benefits?
Graduates from the Holistic Transformation Program (HTP) find themselves empowered with correct education, comprehensive support, and constant inspiration, having had an amazing experience. They become medically wiser, physically active, nutritionally disciplined, and overall, more optimistic with regards to their health.

How does the HTP actually create the holistic transformation?
The first four months is about implementing as you learn. We will handhold you through in-depth, result-oriented diet, exercise, medical and inner transformation protocols. You will find yourself significantly stronger, fitter, and younger at this point. This is followed by eight months of guidance and support to inculcate & achieve independence and sustain your diabetes-free status on completion of the program.

We will ensure you go through the key phases of :
1. Building a strong foundation.
2. Reshaping your body and mind completely.
3. Scripting your transformational story.
4. Becoming a health master.

Is the program same for everyone?
We understand that every individual is different and so is your program. A dedicated team of FFD experts monitor your progress, and keep you motivated, so you achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.

As we say at FFD – “Diabetes may not have been your choice, but reversal is a right!”


Key Features

Personalised Program

The FFD App is designed for personalisation. As you input your blood sugar levels and other bio-markers, your team will accordingly adjust medication, diet, and exercise routines to keep you on the fast track to reversal.


12 Group Sessions

Held at monthly intervals, the group sessions can be attended online only. There will be 12 practice session in the first 4 months a weekly intervals. The sessions will help you implement the four FFD protocols—medical, diet, exercise, inner transformation—in the recommended phase-wise manner.


Medical (Tele) Consultations

In addition to five quarterly structured consultations, you can avail an unlimited number of consultations, as your progress and condition may require. The online nature of our consultations meets the demands of a post Covid-19 world, eliminating inconveniences like travel and the need for patients physical presence.


Group Chats

FFD group chats are a proven, practical and perpetual source of education and support. Interactions on the group create a collective energy that motivates and encourages participants in their reversal journey.

Stages and Phases of Transformation

Reversal can undergo re-reversal akin to ice changing to water and vapour and vice versa. This in your real world context would mean, weight loss done over 3-6 months can be regained and reduced/ stopped medications can restart.

Hence our focus is not just on reversal but your Transformation which is akin to a caterpillar changing to a butterfly. This kind of change cannot be re-reversed. This in your real world context would mean, the transformation in body and mind wisdom. This is Life 2.0 and is characterised by totally new levels of vibrancy, fat vs muscle mass, fitness levels, change in medications, positivity, identity, becoming a role model of health, etc

This transformation is orchestrated through 2 stages and 4 phases which have been developed over 9 years of cumulative learning about human transformation in thousands of participants like you.

Stage 1

Achieving Basic Health Goals

This stage involves setting and achieving basic weight, exercise and medical goals. For example: attaining a reasonable BMI (Body Mass Index), Hba1c < 7 (in diabetics/ prediabetics), BP < 130/80, Total Cholesterol/ HDL ratio of 4:1 and relevant lab parameters with reduced or stoppage of medications.

The first stage of Achieving Basic Health Goals is further broken down into 2 phases of 3 months in duration each

  • Phase 1

    Establishing a Strong Foundation

    (Month 1-3)

    Consists of 3 structured diet and exercise plans (1.1, 1.2, 1.3) of 1 month each. These plans are adapted to suit your individual needs as we have realised that each participant is unique at the body-mind level. You get to learn and implement these foundation plans under close supervision which will help you initiate the reversal, freedom and transformation journey. There will be a definite reduction in the root causes of diabetes, obesity and metabolic disorders in terms of reduction in insulin resistance, drop in fat and initiation of growth in strength, stamina and flexibility.

  • Phase 2

    Re-modelling Body and Mind Completely

    (Month 4-6)

    Consists of moving on to changing the body’s shape with an increased focus on customised diet and exercise protocol. Through our unique 3-2-1 protocol you will find yourself getting hooked to exercise through variety and depth. Increase in customization is characteristic of this phase as each individual needs a deeper approach after initial results. We also begin our famed inner transformation protocol here that helps you release old and current stresses through guided journaling and meditation. Learned Optimism and our specially innovated Einstein Process followed by further guided journaling and meditation creates a change in your perspective towards life.

Stage 2

Achieving Advanced Health Goals

This stage involves setting and achieving advanced diet, exercise, inner transformation and medical goals. For example: Customized athletic goals of 108 Sooryanamaskaras, 10/21+ km running, 25/50+ km cycling, etc as are relevant for your age, gender, past exercise history and exercise potential. Training yourself to eat a variety of food items in a graded manner. Achieving ideal lab parameters related to fasting insulin, hsCRP, TSH, S. Creatinine, Lipid Profile, Liver Function Tests, etc. Deeper work on your stress and positivity to create that transformation from deep within

The second stage of Achieving Advanced Health Goals is further broken down into 2 phases of 3 months in duration each

  • Phase 3

    Scripting your Transformation Story

    (Month 7-9)

    Consists of actually creating a script of your transformation story using deeper principles of the Law of Attraction and The Power of your Subconscious Mind. This creates a deeper shift in your daily emotional frequency through newer habits, affirmations, SAAF Goals and Vision Boards. This is much more powerful than the regular SMART Goals. Even more customisation of diet and exercise plans is done to achieve athletic goals of 108 Sooryanamaskaras, 10/21+ km running, 25/50+ km cycling, etc that transforms you so much that re-reversal of your health or medical parameters is not a possibility anymore.

  • Phase 4

    Gaining Complete Health Mastery

    (Month 10-12)

    Consists of preparing you so well that you can handle your health independently. You will find yourself equipped to make decisions quickly and with great clarity on all fronts. You will be able to intelligently adapt and handle all varieties of food, exercise patterns, stressful situations and achieve ideal physical and medical parameters. Hence we call this final phase one of gaining complete health mastery.



Will I remain free from diabetes after the program?

The FFD Holistic Transformation Program is designed to effect behavioural and physiological changes that will enable you to sustain your reversal independently.

How much time will I have to commit?

Yes, you will need to commit a certain amount of time and effort. But it’s merely a matter of time management to get into a new routine. In fact, many of our participants who come from top tier management, been able to adapt easily to the new time demands. I have some physical limitations; will I be able to do all the exercises? The exercises are personalised to individual conditions and body types. Your designated exercise expert will provide many options

I have some physical limitations; will I be able to do all the exercises?

The exercises are personalised to individual conditions and body types. Your designated exercise expert will provide many options to keep your daily routine fresh.

Is the program tough?

The program has its demands, but the results are far more rewarding. The stronger your commitment, the faster the gains. Our past participants almost unanimously attest to being driven by a strong feeling of excitement and accomplishment that completely overshadows any challenges along the way.

How will my specific individual problems be addressed?

You will be given a designated doctor, exercise expert and diet expert who will monitor and adjust program elements like diet, exercise, medication, stress-release to match your condition.

I am taking heavy insulin doses daily, can I benefit?

Yes. Those on insulin benefit the most as many a time, the insulin doses reduce and stop within a few weeks. You can see some of our past patients’ stories on our Inspiration’ page.

How will I manage to do the program during the lockdowns caused by Covid-19?

As a matter of fact, the Corona virus lockdown has fostered discipline in diet and exercise in almost everyone. With nowhere to go, and time on your hands, there’s no better time for reversal, and hundreds have joined during the lockdown and begun experiencing reversal benefits.

How long is the program?

HTP is a year-long program; in the first 4 months you will be taken through a systematic action learning experience, followed by 8 months of guidance and support to set and achieve new behavioural goals.

I often travel on work, will I be able to work the program?

We’ve been working extensively over the past seven years with participants who travel regularly on work, and we have evolved a Travellers Protocol that makes it convenient for you to follow the program with minimum hassle.

I live abroad, will I benefit?

Our sessions are planned and structured to facilitate all our overseas participants. Our step-by-step guidance, evolved over the past 6 years, has helped participants across 30+ countries successfully go through the reversal program.

Will I lose weight?

Guaranteed! You can look forward to updating your wardrobe soon.

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