It was no surprise for me when I was diagnosed with diabetes at 36 as my mother and two of my siblings were diabetic too. My mother passed away from diabetes-related complications. One of my brothers had to have half his foot amputated due to gangrene. I have a strong family history of diabetes!

Married to an army Aviator, I have 2 girls in their 20s. Am a Training professional and used to work for corporates until 2 years back. My sabbatical started out as a forced one, after a serious foot accident while using the treadmill. The 8 months of recovery, debridement sessions with the podiatrist, and my rising sugars forced me to take a serious look at my lifestyle and health.

April 2019, a series of health issues hit me. While still tottering under the onslaught of health issues, 2 doctors asked me to do the same thing, separately... Lose weight!

I was a glorious, gigantic 90 kg, 5 ft 7" tall lady. My gynecologist told me to do some tests and it turned out I was carrying a fibroid the size of “a newborn’s head” in my uterus. Was advised to have a hysterectomy as soon as possible. My HBa1c was 14.2. The doctor told me that it would not be ethical to do a hysterectomy with my extremely high blood sugars and asked me to bring my HBa1c down to 6! I thought it was a crazy request! 6? Was that even humanly possible? So I went for a second opinion and this is where I was knocked down by a ton of bricks. The doctor, who was from the armed forces medical corps, told me that the condition I was in at that point of time, with diabetes, high cholesterol, hypothyroid, high blood pressure, pre-menarcheal, and with a huge tumor to boot, I was like fertile ground for various cancers to set root and start growing!

Need not say how shocked and disturbed I was that day. My emotions moved from self-loathing to blind fear. Death was not the issue here, it was the slow rot that had set in and only I could stop it and turn it around.

Enough was enough. I decided to lose weight. This was in June 2019. Lost 6 kgs in 4 months but my sugar levels were on the roller coaster ride of their life! Horribly up, up and further up. It is by providence that I became friends with a very sweet lady through common friends and she mentioned Dr. Pramod Tripathi in passing. And the next thing I know, I call her in a month’s time, a totally different person! 

Even though the phone I sensed her joy and energy flow through. She told me she had joined Freedom from Diabetes and her tablets were reduced already and she is full of energy, and it was her Zumba time now! I eagerly wanted to know how this happened! I immediately registered and joined the FFD program. This turned out to be the best decision of my life. 

I have been on the IRP 56 Batch program since March 2020. I got free from all forms of medication in my 2nd month, by mid-April 2020. In the following 7 months, I have lost a further 16 Kgs of weight, which makes it a total of 22 kg gone. My cholesterol is now at 187 from 240. My BP is behaving well, treating me well. And my HBa1c last I checked in August is 6.4! I am still on the program to heal myself completely, but never felt better. I am so positive now that I am sure my fibroid has shrunk in size and will check that once the labs allow it through the pandemic.

I am now a mentor for the FFD programs and I try to keep my fellow FFD participants motivated as a way of giving back the hope and joy I have received. When people look at my transformation and are amazed I just send up a silent prayer of thanks for all at FFD and Dr. Pramod Tripathi. My new life is a gift from them.