1. Dried seed powder three times a day of a gram each dose will help to reduce high blood sugar. It also helps to reduce the insulin dose.

2. Two gram of dried seed powder will reduce polyuria of any cause.

3. Dried seed powder at one gram per day will help to reduce irritable bowel syndrome.

4. Both seeds and leaves improve uterine function.

5. Regular intake of fruits for 2 to 3 months helps to heal bleeding haemorrhoids.

6. Seeds are rich in alkaloids which have the hypoglycemic effect.

Diabetic patients can consume jamuns daily to control their sugar levels, which certainly helps to enhance the insulin activity and sensitivity. Many studies have shown that jamuns have positive effects in preventing and postponing the onset of diabetes. Ways to implement jamuns in your diet.

1. Breakfast along with jamun juice.
2. For mid-meal snacking pick 2 to 3 jamuns and you are sorted.
3. Jamuns can be cut into pieces to make a tasty fruity yogurt.
4. Jamun smoothie or jamun milkshakes can be delicious for kids as well as adults you can use coconut milk or almond milk. Also, you can prepare jamun icecream at home without adding any extra sugar using coconut milk or almond milk.

Benefits of jamuns
1. A powerful antioxidant.
2. Improves your immunity and helps prevent liver damage in diabetics. Also helps to prevent cancer as per studies.
3. Studies showed anti-cancer potential of jamun extract.
4. Great source of Vitamin A and C, beneficial for eyes and skin health.
5. Great fruit for controlling blood and urine sugar levels.
6. Acts as a coolant in the summer also has anti-aging agent properties.
7. Beneficial for digestive system properties. Helps reduce diarrhea, dysentery and dyspepsia.
8. Used for sore throat and asthma.9
9. Jamun leaves have anti-bacterial and healing properties as well.
10. Jamun juice can help in the problem of female sterility.
11. Has high iron content which can help to increase Hemoglobin and in anemic patients.

Precautions/ side effects of Jamuns
1. Pregnant or breast feeding women and women with gestational diabetes should avoid eating jamuns as they can cause decrease in sugar levels which are necessary for the baby.
2. Due to the aforementioned property of jamuns, should not be eaten before and after two weeks of surgery.
3. Jamuns should not be eaten on empty stomach, can lead to instant hypoglycemia.
4. If you are eating jamuns as a snack, make sure you don’t consume milk after that as it can curdle giving rise to stomach disorders.
5. Excessive consumption of jamuns may lead to body aches and fever.
6. Heavy dose of jamuns may cause cough and accumulation of sputum in the lungs giving rise to discomfort in the throat and chest.
7. Jamuns enhance vatta dosha, people with high vatta should avoid eating them.