Hello, I am Prachi Helvade, 37 years old, working as a project manager in statistical programming. I suffered from gestational diabetes in 2013 and had to be on insulin twice a day for two months. After delivery, my diabetes had resolved but in 2017 again I was diagnosed to be diabetic after which I was started on medications immediately. But even on medications my PP sugars were around 200-250. At this stage I could see that in future I might have to be on more medicines or even on insulin.

One fine day, I came to know about FFD and joined its Intensive Treatment Program. Within a span of 16 days only all my tablets stopped. I succeeded in losing around 10 kg of my weight just within 3 months. In the initial phase the diet was very strict but later on it became quite flexible. There was lot of freedom to eat various types of foods. Since almost 2 years I am free of all the medications. Earlier exercise was not a part of my routine but now it has become an essential part of my life and I have realized the benefits of it. My energy levels are pretty high now.

One day my daughter asked me whether she would also acquire diabetes one day since her grandfather (my father) and me (her mother) both have diabetes. It was a very touching question for me and it also made me very guilty with the feeling of giving this disease to my children. But now with the knowledge that I have got through FFD I can confidently say to my daughter that even if there are chances that she may become diabetic ....no worries... we know the way to cure it..reverse it .... as FFD is there to help us.

HEAR THE COMPLETE REVERSAL STORY BY HER @ https://soundcloud.com/dr-pramod-tripathi/diabetes-reversal-story-prachi-helvade

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