"Namaste, myself Shamim Deshmukh, age 54, hypnotist from Mumbai.

I started long fasting from 29th September Sunday. I had had only one cooked meal on the previous day, which is at 1:00 pm. The fasting hours would be more than 227 as I would break my fast tomorrow after 1:00 pm.

The first day of fasting was very difficult, I had juices for the first 3 days. Then I remembered Dr. Tripathi's Live Session in Chembur and got motivated to start water fasting. From 2nd October I started water fasting. My body, mostly my tummy was feeling very good rather HAPPY!

My medication for the morning had already stopped in the first 3 weeks. My fasting sugar was an issue. Dr. Ishwar said it is Dawn's phenomenon. He explained to me in detail what is Dawn's phenomenon and there is nothing to worry about it as it is pretty common.

As soon as I started water fasting my fasting sugar started dropping without medication. Yesterday it was 120 and today 114. I don't feel like going back to eating cooked meals.

Myths that if you don't eat every 2 hours your blood sugar will rise has completely BROKEN!

Interestingly, I felt more energetic during these 9 days. In fact my blood sugar has remained in control in spite of the most stressful news in my family of my daughter-in-law needing heart surgery as her aortic valve is underdeveloped. I am writing this message while I am in hospital with her and yet BSL all green today.

THANK YOU is a very small word for Dr. Tripathi and his team.

Lots of Gratitude!

I am a regression therapist so believe maybe it's a past life connect with Dr. Tripathi and Amit Avchat who referred me to FFD. I am hoping I would go off medication at night too with normal BSL."