Rita Shukla: My Journey back to Good Health

  • Name- Mrs.Rita Shukla
  • Age- 65 years
  • Profession- Bank officer, Assit. Gen Manager (Rtd.)
  • Place - Bhopal

Like many diabetics, I wasn’t even aware that I had the disorder. Although I experienced general fatigue and was prone to frequent urination, I put it down to seasonal conditions and didn’t seek medical help.

However, when I began to suffer regularly from extreme leg cramps, especially at night and experienced severe itching around my pelvic area, I consulted my doctor. Tests revealed I was diabetic—and probably had been one for some time.

My doctor immediately put me on oral medications and recommended a low-glycemic diet, complemented by daily walks. I didn’t mind the walks; in fact, I quite enjoyed the exercise.

However, I began to suffer extreme cravings for proscribed foods. Despite following the doctor’s recommendations stringently, my medicines began to increase. Worried and unwilling to be chained to these circumstances for life, I began to scour the Internet for information about diabetes and how to control it.

During my research, I came across several videos and articles of Dr. Tripathi. They were the first to speak about Diabetes reversal and offered substantial proof.  

I was tremendously excited and encouraged. I called the number displayed on the site and the staff was very helpful with their information. I realized that this was a genuine organization, not one that aimed to sell products. In (insert month & year) I ultimately registered for FFD’s Holistic Transformation Program (HTP).

After joining FFD, by following all the protocols my weight and Blood Sugar Level (BSL) started going down continuously. Within 30 days I became free of diabetes medicines; 15 days later, my medicines for BP and cholesterol were also stopped.

This was something I hadn’t even dared to imagine earlier. I was ecstatic. I lost over 7 kg and have regained my energy levels. I feel optimistic and best of all, have lost all the food cravings I had experienced earlier.

Unfortunately, my reversal suffered a setback when I contracted UTI and my quarterly reports showed elevated readings of SGPT/SGOT. My BSL & BP too began to rise. My doctor diagnosed liver infection and I am undergoing treatment for it.

I’ve also been following FFD’s protocols religiously. It’s been a month and a half, and my health is steadily improving. My BSL and BP are slowly coming down. I’m hopeful it will be completely back to normal soon and I will be to achieve my next goal—to clear the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT).

My successful reversal is all thanks to the superb sessions by Dr. Pramod and the constant guidance and support of his team: Dr. Vaishali Jadhav, my dietician Ms. Gandhali, fitness expert Dr. Sharvari. Due to covid lockdowns, I could not visit the gym, but thanks to Dr. Malhar I was able to modify exercises and still achieve great results.

Last, but by no means least, I am deeply grateful for the constant encouragement and support of my husband and daughter, who kept me motivated through this journey.

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