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Muktotsav FFD’s Annual Event

Every year Freedom from Diabetes (FFD) conducts a slew of programs to help people from across the world overcome diabetes. The conventional medical establishment may maintain that diabetes is irreversible.

But at FFD, we know that is just not true. Many of our participants succeed in reversing it to the point where they are able to pass the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)considered by medical professionals to be the ultimate test of reversal.

Over the years the number of FFD-ians taking the test has grown tremendously. In 2015, we had around 15 GTT participants; By 2020 that number had blossomed to more than 250.

Participants taking the GTT are required to consume 15 spoons of pure sugar. This is followed by Blood Sugar Level (BSL) tests, taken after one, two, and three hours respectively.

Only those whose BSL counts fall within normal ranges are declared successful. Its a great achievement for anyone who has suffered from diabetes, and it definitely is a cause of celebration. 

Seven years agotwo years from our inceptionwe felt the need to celebrate the Diabetes reversal success of our participants, and Muktotsav was born.

Muktotsav comes from the conjoining of Mukti, meaning freedom, and Utsav, meaning festival or celebration. And this is exactly what it is.

A celebration; a festival of freedom from the tyranny of diabetes; freedom from the constant pricking, medicines, dietary restrictions, and the ever-present anxiety of further health complications.

Muktosav-Freedom from Diabetes

Muktotsav is FFDs annual event when our champions step into the well-deserved limelight. This is when they are felicitated and awarded for their achievements. Not just those who have reversed their diabetes, and passed the GTT, but other champions too.

Participants who during the year have achieved other successes. For instance, people who have lost the maximum weight, or stopped their medicine in the shortest time. There are also award categories for most deserving athletes, and for families' achievementssuch as weight loss, or family reversals.

Muktotsav, which is usually held during November-December, sees our champions receive the recognition and felicitations their success deserves. But beyond this, their Diabetes reversal success stories also serve as an inspiration and learning to others who still suffer from diabetes.

The successes of our participants validate our efforts and our belief that Diabetes Can Be Reversed. It encourages other diabetics, from all over the world, to strive towards their own reversals.

FFDs Muktotsav sees a number of celebrity guests. In 2020, Muktotsav had internationally celebrated diabetes reversal pioneer Dr. Neal Barnard as Chief Guest, and Dr. Pramod Tripathi as Host, taking center stage for a once-in-a-lifetime interaction.

Their tips and the stories they shared were insightful and inspirational. Muktotsav is not just for FFD-ians, it is a celebration where everyone, no matter where they are on their wellness journey, can join in with open heart and soul and imbue the message that life can be sweet again.


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