Cherries have a relatively low caloric content, but they have significant amounts of bioactive components including.

✅ Anthocyanins

✅ Fiber

✅ Vitamin C

✅ Potassium

✅ Polyphenols

✅ Carotenoids

✅ Tryptophan

✅ Serotonin

✅ Melatonin

Cherries are grouped in two types – sweet and tart.

Most sweet cherries are consumed fresh. About 20 to 25 percent of sweet cherries are canned, frozen, dried, brined or juiced. That contrasts to tart cherries, majority of which (97%) are processed primarily for cooking.

According to the British Diabetes Association, a small portion can be consumed by diabetics which are 14 cherries – about the same as 2 kiwis, 7 strawberries or 3 apricots. Since different people have different tolerance to carbohydrates, keeping your blood sugar levels in check is very important for Diabetics, before and after trying cherries for the first time.

Carb content of Cherries

1) Fresh Cherries – ½ cup should not be a problem for Diabetics.

1 cup sweet cherries has about 25gm carbs = 6 teaspoons of sugar.

1 cup sour cherries has about 19gm carbs = 5 teaspoons of sugar.

2) Canned Cherries – not recommended

Often packed in juice or syrup those contain a lot of extra sugar.

1 cup canned cherries along with its liquid has about 60gm carbs = 15 teaspoon of sugar.

3) Maraschino Cherries – recommended

A serving of 5 of these cherries contains 11gm carbs = 2.5 teaspoon of sugar.

Glycemic Index of Cherries

✅ Sweet Cherries – 62 (medium – GI food)

✅ Sour Cherries – 22 (low – GI food)


Positive impact on Diabetes

✅ Cherries have a role in healthy glucose regulation

✅ Reduce the risk of diabetes

✅ Also alleviate the adverse risks of diabetes.

✅ Anthocyanins found in cherries are also found in berries (strawberries/mulberries) appear to be targeting insulin sensitivity and have potential to modulate conditions like diabetes.

✅ Polyphenols and Vitamin C promote health by preventing and decreasing inflammation and oxidative stress.



6 -7 Cherries can be added in smoothie also.

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