FFD Helped Reverse My Diabetes in Just 15 Days

My 13 years of diabetes medicines stopped in just 15 days

  • Name- Mr.Mrudang Majmudar
  • Age- 68 years
  • Profession- Rubber technologist
  • Place -Mumbai

Each one of us has various beliefs and practices about diet, health, exercise......some learned through parents, some through the society, some through one's learning and experiences.  But I knew very little then...

Thank god, my destiny took me to FFD and this changed my life totally.


How did I get to know about my diabetes?

In 2007, I used to get more exhausted by the end of the day along with frequent urination problems.  These were the two things for which my doctor said I should get myself tested.  Went for routine tests and the results revealed high blood sugars!

Diabetes medicines began from then.  In 2008, underwent eye surgery for a cataract.  A few years later, in 2013, was found to have high blood pressure, and medicines for that also started. 

Apart from diabetes, I had a neurological issue of numbness at the bottom of my feet.  In early 2020, I underwent angiography after developing chest pain. 

The result suggested I needed a bypass surgery which was performed in February 2020.  Due to heart medication, I subsequently developed constipation.  I also have an old history of skin irritation.

For almost 13 years till I came to FFD, I lived life as if nothing great was going to happen due to diabetes.


My encounter with FFD-


My youngest daughter had attended Dr. Pramod Tripathi sir's Discover Reversal Session and she was highly impressed with the whole idea of "Diabetes Reversal".  She was the one who apprised me about FFD. 

Everything taught at FFD actually worked for me.  The whole approach of Dr. Pramod Tripathi is fabulous.  My 13 years of diabetes medicines stopped in just 15 days

Though I am still on BP tablets, my BP is within normal range now.  I also achieved 8 kg healthy weight loss in just 3 months 

Before coming to FFD, I had never done fasting in my life, never ever had any kind of smoothie, and had no control over my diet. But FFD taught me everything!

Coming here, I learned fasting is very helpful and diabetics must fast, Diabetes-friendly smoothies play a big role in becoming healthy and irregular eating does not help.

My exercise regime includes warm-up, squats, standing Surya namaskars, and yoga 

Now, I am a totally different person with the right views about health and life.  Health is just not diet and exercise but inner peace is equally important and much more.

Each and everything in life is destined.  I was destined to come to FFD.

All thanks to Diabetes specialist Dr. Pramod Tripathi and his FFD team.

Reverse Diabetes

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