FFD Stopped 9 Years of Diabetes Medicine in just One Week

Mr. Anand Shares Highlights From His Diabetes Reversal Journey Here.

  • Name- Mr. Anand Maheshwari
  • Profession- G.M French MNC
  • Place - Noida, UP

Family history of diabetes is not always an indicator of diabetes risk. Stress is a big trigger too. And so it was for Anand Maheshwari. For nine years after he was first diagnosed with diabetes, Anand suffered from a host of medical issues that grew worse despite mounting medication. But just when it seemed hopeless, he found a reason to battle on, and today he is healthy, happy, and full of zest for life.


What do you think brought on your diabetes?


Medical science offers many causes for diabetes. In my case, it was stress. There is no real history of diabetes in my family; my mother was recently diagnosed with it, but it was described as adult-onset diabetes. I first realized something was wrong, in 2012, when I began feeling fatigued and lethargic.

I have made it a practice to have regular medical checkups and my next one showed my Blood Sugar Levels to be quite high and I was tagged as a diabetic. My doctor explained to me that stress (anxiety and anger) probably led to my high sugar levels. I was put in diabetes medicines and given instructions that would now guide me every day of my life.


How well did the medicines work?


As the days went by, my problems increased, and so did my medicines. In 2013, I had to undergo laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgery (removal of gall bladder).  My weight kept mounting.  I also suffered from constipation, disturbed sleep, hypothyroidism, knee pain. But just when it seemed darkest, a ray of hope shone through.


Tell us about your experience with FFD, and your reversal journey


In July 2020, I came across an FFD post on Facebook. I attended the introductory online First session. Impressed, inspired, and ready to feel energetic again, I subsequently enrolled in FFD’s Intensive Reversal Program 60th Batch.

I followed all the protocols religiously and was amazed at the results. In just 7 days all my diabetes medicines were stopped. I never dared to imagine that I would be able to have a meal without grabbing my medicines. But that day had come. Filled with excitement, I continued to work as per the FFD protocols, experiencing joy with every step I took and every change I experienced.


Which aspect of the program stands out for you?


Definitely, Fasting! Throughout the 9 years of my diabetes, I was constantly told by endocrinologists that diabetics should not fast.  And after my cholecystectomy in 2013, I was strictly told to avoid fasting. It got to the point where just the thought of fasting could bring on a headache.

But the FFD protocol required me to fast. But I was guided through FFD’s Fasting Protocol, i.e.

  •  Complete water fast
  • Whole day juice feasting
  • Intermittent fasting (1 or 2 meals),

Fasting for 5 days in a row, followed by fasts of longer durations. Rather than feeling listless, I started feeling more energetic and now I have learned the art of managing my body.


How did the program affect you?


Physically, mentally, and emotionally, I felt completely transformed. Within the next couple of months, I reached my ideal weight. My mind and soul were calm and I achieved my target of 108 Surya namaskars, 108 yogic pushups, cycling 100 km at once.

I am still on thyroid medicine, but it is a much-reduced dose and I’m positive it too will soon stop


How do you feel today?


My experience with FFD didn’t just change me, it but it positively impacted my entire family! My wife and I both lost 17 kg each.  My younger daughter lost around 7 kg. That’s a total family weight loss of 41 kg. And they weren’t even enrolled in the program!

I feel like a completely new person today: happy and healthy. I am grateful to FFD, Dr. Pramod Tripathi, and his amazing team for their constant guidance, support, and motivation. In all this my wife was a rock of strength, she didn’t just accept the changes, but adopted them, encouraged, and motivated me right through. I don’t think I could have done it without all their support.


Thanks To,

Team FFD

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