Co-morbidities have been proven to make COVID-19 patients especially vulnerable; which is one of the reasons I had decided to do something about my excess weight, hypertension and other problems.

As a homemaker in Mumbai, I had let my health problems get steadily worse over the years. Although I wasn’t diabetic, I had been overweight for a long time. I was also suffering from hypertension, joint pain, and a frozen shoulder. To make matters worse, I had recently contracted dengue, chikungunya and viral arthritis. All of which had left me quite listless and weak.

In February 2021 I made a firm decision to fight my way back to good health. And with this goal in mind, I enrolled in the Intensive Reversal Program (IRP) with Freedom From Diabetes (FFD).

Everything was going well, when two months later, on 12th April 2021, I was detected with COVID. It was a big setback, and I was quite worried that my health issues would compromise my recovery. I was also concerned about how it would affect my IRP progress. Little did I realize the help I was to receive.

The team at FFD was very reassuring. Their immediate suggestion was to stop thinking/worrying about weight, diet and other factors and first concentrate only on recovering from COVID. And they followed up their suggestion with concrete help.

The diet experts suggested meals to help build up my strength and immunity levels. Naturally, I was too weak to exercise, but FFD guided me through meditative and breathing techniques that helped dispel my anxiety and kept me upbeat. Most of all, I was touched by the warmth and genuine concern shown by the team: Dr. Swathi’s regular calls and messages. Dr. Jitendra’s calls and WhatsApp messages and Dr. Sayali’s messages and how-to videos of breathing exercises. I have no doubt this care was majorly responsible for my recovery.

Thankfully, I am now COVID negative, though my immunity is still catching up. I can now do the light exercises needed to improve my strength and immunity. I am quite enthusiastic and hope to rejoin the daily rigor of the Intensive Reversal Program soon and continue towards achieving my goals.

The amazing thing is that although it’s been just two months since I began working the program, my health issues are already improving. My weight, which was 102 kg when I joined, has come down by 7 kg. My high blood pressure has normalized and I have stopped my medication as advised by Dr. Jitendra.

If I can achieve all this in just two months, I can only imagine the benefits in store for me when I complete the entire IRP course.

It is a beautiful journey and I have learned many things. I love the healthy food protocols, exercises customized to my weight and age, yoga and the very mesmerizing sessions conducted by Dr. Pramod.

I’m looking forward to the post COVID phase in my life and am very enthusiastic about re-embarking on my journey to a healthy and happy life.

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