How I stopped insulin with FFD's help

Insulin stopped, weight loss 15 kg

  • Name- Mrs. Anushree Gupta
  • Age-  56 Years Young
  • Profession- Professor
  • Place - Mumbai

Hello All,

I'm Anushree Gupta from Mumbai. I did teach for 32 years in an Engineering College, belonging to Electronics and Communication Department.

My diabetes story 

I first came to know about my fluctuating sugar levels during my pregnancy in 1999. Sadly it did not stop there, came back in 2000.  I do have a family history of diabetes with my father having it.

I realized I had become more sensitive emotionally which was becoming my main problem.  I do not know whether this is connected to diabetes in any way. I also got an early cataract.

How did FFD happen?

I got to learn about FFD through Facebook.

What made me join FFD?

I was totally convinced by Dr. Pramod Tripathi sir's explanation of diabetes reversal in the introductory session. I enrolled in Freedom from Diabetes type 2 diabetes reversal program - HTP immediately.

Mrs. Anushree Gupta

My reversal story 

FFD diabetes reversal diet is just superb. My 6 units of daily insulin stopped within one month which was amazing. My weight loss of 15 kg just in 2-3 months also has been remarkable.

I am still on diabetes medicines but will soon get rid of them too. I am really thankful to Dr. Subodh Deshmukh my assigned doctor and my dietitian for being highly supportive from day one.

Without them, this would not have been possible. I could not do much on the exercise front due to a meniscal tear injury to one leg. I have had severe hair loss which I have conveyed to the FFD dietitian. I hope things get better with the treatment suggested for it.

Key quote 

"I am happy that my insulin has stopped and my sugars are in much control."

Key takeaways 

  • Insulin stopped
  • Weight loss 15 kg
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