Feb 23: Top 10 Diabetes Reversal- Health Transformation Stories


February is the month of Love with 14th February being celebrated as the Valentine Day all over the world.  That is not all, it is also celebrated for few other things like 4th February the World Cancer Day,  11th February World day of sick, 28th February as National Science day and more.

We should also love ourselves the way we love our dear and near ones. Several people knowing the importance of self love joined Freedom from Diabetes to make themselves healthy and fit enough to love others.

February month like others also witnessed many participants becoming free from diabetes medicines/insulin, cholesterol medicines, BP medicines, etc.

Here is the list of our top 10 participants who overcame their challenges and achieved their goals.


1. Ajeet Kumar Chaubey

Mr. Ajeet Kumar Chaubey | Age- 41 Years | Sikkim | HR Manager

He is a 41 years young HR Manager from Sikkim. Tests done after doctor's recommendation for constant weight loss disclosed he had diabetes. He joined FFD after realizing he needed a proper support like FFD gives and has never looked back. He is now not only free of medicines but free from BP and cholesterol medicines too.

Read his full story to learn how he achieved this transformation with FFD.

2. Anita Lata Gupta

Mrs. Anita Lata Gupta | Age- 65 Years | Noida | Teacher

She is a 65-year-old retired teacher from Noida who got to know about her diabetes in 2011. She also faced issues with BP, thyroid and eye power.  She joined FFD fed-up of ever increasing HbA1c and medicines.  Now she is not only free from diabetes medicines but also from cholesterol medicines. 

Read her full story to learn how she reached a stage of clearing GTT twice with FFD's help

3. B. R. Ramdas

Mr. B R Ramdas | Age- 70 Years | Bangalore | Radiologist

This radiologist's journey is amazing. He suffered from diabetes for a long time, did try several things on his own, had medicines too but nothing helped.  It was Dr. B. M. Hegde's video that changed his life.  He joined FFD program and is now not only free from medicine but also free from his diabetic neuropathy.

Read his story to learn how his life changed after coming to FFD.

4. Prachi Rahul Sapkale

Mrs. Prachi Rahul Sapkale | Age- 28 Years | Pune | Housewife

She is a 28 years young housewife from Pune who learned about her diabetic status during her pregnancy. By the time she came to FFD she was on 22 units of insulin plus medicines.  She joined FFD after watching YouTube videos and has not looked back since then.

Read her full story to learn how FFD helped her stop her insulin and transform

5. Prakash Pralhad Vasdevani 

Mr. Prakash Pralhad Vasdevani | Age- 36 Years | Gujarat | Businessman

His is a good example of how a diabetic turns into an athletic after coming to FFD. He got to know about his fluctuating sugar levels due to sudden weight loss.  YouTube was the medium to introduce him to FFD.  Upon joining FFD he is a happy person with reduced diabetes medicines and an athletic identity of a cyclist which he is immensely enjoying.

Read his inspiring story here

6. Ranga Raajan

Mr. Ranga Raajan | Age- 56  Years | Indore | Businessman

He is a 56 years young businessman from Indore. He suffered from thyroid and later got to know about his pre-diabetic status.  He got inspired seeing his sister-in-laws mother's health and joined FFD program.  Now he has reversed his pre-diabetes  as well as thyroid successfully.

Read his story to learn how FFD helped him reverse his co-morbidity too.

7. Ritika Thadani 

Mrs. Ritika Thadani  | Age- 51 Years | New Delhi | Housewife

She is a 51 years young homemaker from New Delhi who has benefitted from both HTP program and TRP (residential program). Thyroid and BP were her other sufferings along with diabetes.  After coming to FFD her health improved in all parameters with TRP sessions doing special magic.

Read her inspirational story here

8. Shraddha Sunil Saka

Mrs. Shradha Sunil Saka | Age- 39 Years | Solapur | Homemaker

Hers is a wonderful case of insulin reversal with FFD. Shraddha is a 39 years young homemaker from Solapur whose fluctuating sugars came to notice during her pregnancy.  She got was on 100 units of insulin before coming to FFD, joined it after seeing her friend's health progress.  Now, she is happy getting the title of "Insulin terminator".

Read her full story here

9. Sunita Dey

Mrs. Sunita Dey | Age- 50 Years | Ranchi | Teacher

She is a 50 years young teacher from Ranchi who first got to know about her disturbed sugar levels during her pregnancy. None of her doctors advised her about diet and exercise.  She came to know about FFD program through YouTube and joined it. She is a completely new Sunita with reduced medicines and 12 kg weight loss.

Read her noteworthy story here

10. Sujoy Kumar Maity

Mr. Sujoy Kumar Maity | Age- 39 Years | West Bengal | Chemical Engineer

He is a 39-year-old Chemical Engineer from West Bengal who got to know about his diabetes during an annual check-up. Joined FFD after coming to know about it through internet search.  Now he is free from diabetes medicines, 8 kg lighter and a person with more positivity.

Read his full story to learn how his magical transformation happened at FFD.


The above 10 participants are a good example of how one can regain health and enjoy life if he/she gets a proper direction, guidance, and support.

Freedom from Diabetes has helped more than 13500 diabetics become free from medicines, 2300+ become free from cholesterol medicines, 1000+become free from hypertension medicines and more.

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