Monika Bhola: FFD has helped me achieve my goal of Reversing Diabetes

  • Name- Mrs. Monika Bhola
  • Age- 51 years
  • Profession- Baking Business
  • Place - Punjab, India
I had gone into depression when I came to know about my diabetes.  Thank god FFD happened and I was saved. I am Monika Bhola from Punjab, India.  Own a small home baking business and take up macrame orders too.
In my family, my mother has diabetes and neurological issues due to that.  So diabetes was not new to me.  I was diagnosed with diabetes around 4 years back during my routine annual checkup.
That time, I went into depression after knowing that I have got the disease as the doctors I consulted were making me fearful with their theories.  They had scared to me such an extent that I had lost all hope.

Diabetes also gave me other problems like gases, sleep, anxiety, high cholesterol, hypothyroid, skin problems.  I used to suffer from psoriasis mostly in winter.  

Diabetes reversal Success story
Mrs. Monika Bhola

I came to know about FFD from my Facebook page and joined it because I had tried many other things but nothing seemed to work for me. So I thought of taking the plunge and giving FFD a try.

My journey with FFD has been full of so many surprises and achievements. I myself cannot believe that I have got rid of all the medication and lost around 14 kg. 
My diabetes medicines stopped in 2 months while my medicines for cholesterol stopped in around 7 months.  At the time of joining, I was 63 kg, and currently, I am fit and healthy at 49 kg.  

Presently, I do Yoga and running in routine alongside some weights and resistance band exercises.

Thanks to FFD,  I have become a positive and much more energetic person. I feel happy and content with my life as FFD’s affirmations and manifestations have changed my perspective towards life.
I am very much grateful to Dr. Tripathi and all the FFD team.  Also, I want to spread the same positivity and help others, so to continue my journey with FFD, I have become a mentor too.  I hope I can make difference with this little contribution of mine.

Thank you, FFD.

Diabetes Reversal Success story

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