Muktosav 2020 Weight Loss Champion-Mr. Debashis

Weight Loss Champion Mr.Debashis Mukherjee

  • Name- Mr.Debashis Mukherjee
  • Profession- Business Owner
  • Place - Varanasi

"I did it!"...Yes... In spite of several odds... I did it!

My earlier life was very good actually EXCEPT that I was NOT taking care of myself. I was eating all kinds of foods, traveling, and enjoying. Actually, things started going wrong from the time of my first surgery.

I have had two major surgeries on my legs, one of the knee and the other for a broken ankle which still creates problems.

In 2015/2016, my right kidney was found to have cancer and needed to be surgically removed. So basically, I was getting cheesed off with myself, low in self-esteem as I was getting obese and all the other things that were related to it like pain in the lower back, pain in the knee, unable to climb stairs.

The worst end product of all this was, I was getting lazy, breathless, developed sleep apnoea, etc. I realized I was mostly sleeping even when I was driving, something I never experienced before!! My mind was restless and the body was behaving in the oddest manner. Frankly speaking, I was not happy!! On the social front also the people were advising me to "DO SOMETHING".

My sugars were found to be on the higher side somewhere around October 2014 when I had gone for a routine medical checkup. I used to listen to various lectures of Dr. B. M. Hegde on diabetes and that prompted me to decide that I must get rid of it. I was just not willing to be on Metformin or similar stuff for the rest of my life.

By the time, I started the FFD's Diabetes Reversal program it was around 15th June 2020 and by September 2020 my medicines were stopped by my FFD, Dr. Manisha Shah. Since then I am without medicine and how happy I am!!

I think the FFD's Diabetes reversal protocol is fantastic - first changing your body condition from a highly acidic to an alkaline state. I must say but, the first month was really difficult psychologically. You can call it a MENTAL BLOCK!! The transition from a non-vegetarian to a vegan diet was extremely difficult.

Frankly, I was not geared for it. Though I had difficulty understanding certain Marathi terms plus there was non-availability of certain vegetables, my Dietician Ms.Tanmayee really helped me. She was pretty firm that "You have to do it".Yes, Lockdown was a difficult period but I took full advantage since I could not go anywhere!

Secondly, the exercise schedule by watching Diabetes specialist Dr. Pramod Tripathi's various lectures and make us do the exercises at the same time was extremely helpful. Though I could not watch the 30 days diabetes reversal challenge videos due to a bad internet connection, I watching those now. The recorded videos.

I had a very good mentor Mr. Naik who was very understanding in guiding me through this journey. Ms. Gauri - my exercise guide, gave me a list of different exercises on different days and that helped me tremendously.

Nowadays, I am following the WOW Wednesday series by Diabetes specialist Dr. Pramod Tripathi and in addition maintaining the other exercise as a morning ritual.

In short, I am doing 1.30 hours of exercise daily.No, I did not go on a long fast as others did, I could not run or cycle due to my operations but I think I made it from diet-- SMOOTHIE was particularly refreshing!! Also, the stoppage of dairy products was a major factor besides exercise and diet restriction.

So, I cannot point to any particular reason but overall and holistically the entire diabetes reversal program helped me to lose 30 kgs, which I did by the end of October and I am very very happy to share that I received the Weight Loss Champion Award in this year's Muktotsav 2020 for achieving 30 kg weight loss! I wish to thank my wife as she ensured I was getting a proper diet on time.


Thanks to the entire FFD team once again. Have a great New year!

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