1¼ Split Bengal Gram (Chana dal)
3/4 Cups Black date paste
Stevia drops as needed
Pinch of Saffron (Kesar)
¼ Tsp Green Cardamom Powder
Pinch of Nutmeg Powder

For the Dough
1½ Cup Khapli Wheat Flour
Salt to taste
2 Tbsp Oil


Wash and boil chana dal. Drain and coarsely grind it. In a pan add the dal, grated black date paste, saffron, cardamom powder and nutmeg powder and mix well. Cook, stirring all the time till dry. Add stevia drops as per the taste. It should resemble a soft ball. Remove and cool. Divide the stuffing into sixteen to twenty equal portions and roll into balls. Mix khapli wheat flour, oil and salt. Add sufficient water to make a soft dough. Cover with a damp cloth and keep aside for one hour. Divide dough into sixteen to twenty equal portions and roll into balls. Flatten each ball in your palm, stuff with one portion of puran (stuffing), cover and seal the edges. Dust it with flour and roll out into 6 inches diameter thin roti. Heat a tawa and cook puran poli until done on both sides and remove.

Serve hot with helping of virgin coconut oil and nut milk.

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