"I never thought I had diabetes"

I am Naveen Jha, age 42, Serial Entrepreneur and Impact Investor from Hubli, Karnataka. One of my friend Veeranarayan Kulkarni asked me to get my sugar levels checked. My answer was "I am healthy. I do not think I have any sugar problem or any other problem." But to my surprise and his, my HbA1c level was found to be 6.8(Diabetic range).

The test results were quite shocking and I finally landed in the residential program of Freedom From Diabetes called TRP in short, an 8 days compact program specially designed for outstation diabetics.

Joining TRP was a revelation of how unhealthy lifestyle I had been living. That time my weight was 84 kg and I had already started feeling old. In TRP, we were exposed to several sessions on diet, exercise and stress release methods all of which brought a lot of positivity in me. Most importantly, during those 8 days, I learned different lifestyles. FFD people have worked a lot on mindset change which gave me a lot of confidence and also made me realize my strong will power.

Those 8 days gave me the mini-shot of life what I should be.

Now people say that I look much much young than earlier. I believe that by maintaining and continuing the same lifestyle we can maintain the vitals pretty much controlled. *The plant-based vegan lifestyle is definitely a life-changing experience. If you follow it, it is a sustainable lifestyle.*

All thanks to FFD to show me how to live life

Watch the complete reversal story at https://youtu.be/YSaqVfxiOu8