Hi...myself Manoj Agarwal, age 48, a businessman from Siliguri, West-Bengal. I was diabetic since last 14 years with my fasting sugars being 290-310 and PP sugars 400-450. I had to take 6 tablets in a day but with them also my sugar levels could not be maintained. So, my doctor suggested me to go on insulin twice a day.

 Looking for some solution, I found a video of FFD on youtube and that became the game-changer. Soon I joined the Intensive Reversal Program on 7th September 2019 and within 2-3 days all my medicines stopped and my sugar levels started coming to normal, i.e. fasting in the range of 94 and PP1 100 as well as PP2 115. I have also lost 17 kg of weight till now which is a very good thing.

I never thought of doing gym exercise in my life but now I have started enjoying it. I have also learned to deal with stress now.  I have a feeling of becoming more younger than previously.

All thanks to the FFD team for their great work and commitment.