FFD has been a life changing experience for me, in all ways physical, mental and spiritual. It has helped me in better understanding and nurturing life in its truest form. But things were not the same before. Let me tell you a quick story of how I suffered from this predator, called diabetes.


My name is Aliasgar Badani, age 45, living in Vasai , Palghar Dist. I run a consultancy business of housing societies conveyance work. I was detected with diabetes in the year 1999 at the age 26 and was immediately put on various medicines which started taking a toll on me mentally as well as physically. No amount of medicinal changes worked for me. My business had started to suffer as I started having IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) after taking various heavy medications to control my sugar levels. I also started Homeopathy. But it didn't help me either. No doctor or no medications were really helping me. My diabetes intensity kept on increasing and 5 years back, my doctors prescribed me insulin to control my sugar levels. I was really frustrated with my health conditions. It was not that I didn't try to control my eating habits. Even after trying each and everything, my diabetes kept on increasing. I never realized what was going wrong.


I used to research for new doctors, however, all the doctors I met, told me the same sentence, i.e. once a diabetic, always a diabetic. It felt lost and I started becoming depressed and weak. But one fine day, I came to know about Freedom From Diabetes and Dr. Pramod Tripathi. I felt surprised when Dr. Tripathi conveyed that diabetes reversal is possible.


I thought to myself and decided to join in. After joining FFD, all my medicines were stopped in just 8 days, and my insulin stopped in flat 10 days. The day when I was declared a free bird was the best day of my life! The feeling of being free from medicines and insulin gave me superb energy and the courage to try new things. I started doing weight training along with cardio exercises, which helped me immensely by shooting up my energy levels which in turn helped me mentally and physically. I lost 16 kgs in 3 months. The FFD Food principles helped me in reversing my fatty liver too.FFD came in my life as a reversal package. Not just diabetes, but also my other physical and mental problems were reversed. A big thank you to Dr Pramod Tripathi and my Guru Vivek Bhau Pandit Sir without whom this change in me could not have been possible. I feel proud to say that I am free from diabetes!!


For more information, click at https://www.freedomfromdiabetes.org/