I am Chandrashekhar Hatle, 59 years old, working as a process controller with an Australian steel-making company, living in Sydney, Australia.

 Around 2007, in one of the employment-related medical tests it was detected that my HbA1c was borderline.  My treating family doctor warned me about that and suggested lifestyle change and some dietary controls but with every subsequent test, my HbA1c kept gradually increasing.  Ultimately in 2013, my treating doctor declared me as an official diabetic patient and enrolled me to NDSS (National Diabetes Service- Scheme). Since then he put me on one 500 mg Metformin tablet daily.  I was feeling exhausted, weak, lack of enthusiasm, sleep disorder, snoring problem, getting short of breath.  I made lot of lifestyles and dietary changes, i.e.- stopped taking sugar in my tea, reduced sweets, chocolates, started daily one-hour walking, pranayama.  But even with all this, in November 2017 my HbA1c climbed to 8.3%.  This time my weight was 80 kg.

In August, I joined the FFD Intensive 50 batch.  Within six days of starting the FFD protocol, my FFD doctor stopped both Metformin tablets.  My average fasting sugar was steady at 105-110.

My lab test- three months after joining FFD showed HbA1c of 6.4% (without any tablets).  I also lost 5 kg (from 74 kg to 69 kg).

All black spots on my skin got cleared.  Before joining FFD I used to feel short of breath even after climbing 10-15 steps. Now I can do a stair-climbing exercise (15 steps staircase) for 20 minutes each, twice a day without any problem.

There is a definite change in attitude.  I have become more positive, learned to forgive, learned to live in the present.

FFD protocols, all four of them are formulated after extensive research and experience and if followed properly, positive results are well predictable.  Group support and group therapy really help to keep us focused.