FFD helped me change my Identity from Diabetic to a Cyclist... 🙂

In the year 1998, I realized that I was feeling constantly tired. I was working for a Public Sector Undertaking in the Managerial Cadre then. Now, I work as an Advocate in High Court.

With deteriorating health, I visited my family physician who told me to get my basic tests done as I was just not responding to the regular treatment for smaller infections.

My Diabetic medicines started with Metformin, 22 years back. Medicines and doses kept adding to the extent of taking 5 medicines in a day. An Endocrinologist (Super Specialist for Diabetes) at Apollo Hospitals advised me to switch over to Insulin... but my mind just could not accept it. "Insulin... after going up to 5 medicines? - things can't get terrible that this!"

Came to know about FFD through Facebook and attended the Mega Event at Andheri in February 2020. The first session of the Intensive Reversal Program was an enlightening experience. Thereafter, I enrolled myself in the IRP batch 56.

In just 16 days of following FFD protocol, I got a message from Dr. Kiran Vaswani asking me to stop all medicines. This was nothing less than a Miracle. My 22 years of medicines were put to stop in 16 days! I was very much delighted and overjoyed by this news.

As my health progressed, Dr. Malhar suggested me to choose my Athletic Identity. I questioned him "Athletic Identity at 69?" His answer was a big YES. I decided to take up cycling even though I had not done any cycling over the last 46 years. Now, my cycling parameters are worth appreciating and Dr. Malhar is very impressed with my performance.

My deep gratitude to Dr. Pramod Tripathi and the whole team including my FFD Physician Dr. Kiran Vaswani who was very caring and encouraging.

I have an Identity now ... Athletic Identity of a Cyclist!